Layout services for documents to be translated.

Our graphic designers use all types of professional layout software available on the market to achieve the perfect publication results for your translations.

Affordable layout solutions for every type of translation


To speed up processes and reduce costs, our company is equipped to use all types of professional layout software (in particular the entire Adobe suite: InDesign, Illustrator, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Photoshop, but also QuarkXPress, Publisher, CorelDraw, Visio, etc.). Our clients send us multimedia files directly in their original format, avoiding intermediate steps necessary for their conversion. With Translation-IN your translations take on the desired form in the 50 most-used languages in the world.


We translate directly in the original files so layout costs can be next to nothing. For projects with more complex layouts (image editing, multilingual AutoCAD, etc.), we offer DTP services at reduced prices thanks to a suite of tools developed internally by our translation agency. For projects requiring a resetting of the layout (texts printed on paper), we offer a series of proposals to fit your budget.

Translation agency


Literary translation

We translate directly in the source file as much as possible to avoid layout costs

“Classic” files are created in the most widely-used formats (Word documents, InDesign documents, etc.). In most cases, they’ve been chosen to contain the translations of brochures, newsletters, magazines, etc. At Translation-IN, during the production flow we believe it’s important to facilitate the consultation of every file on the part of our clients. Therefore, in InDesign-formatted projects our translators and Adobe specialists (ACEs) utilize IDML (Design Markup Language) files. These have the advantage of being compatible with the majority of CAT tools. In fact, the INDD format is normally not consultable by those not possessing the software license. Our professional translators work directly on editable files via CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) software, so the translation service remains 100% human.

Layout solutions optimized to implement your translations in complex formats

In complex formats, optimized solutions (like IDML files via desktop publishing software) don’t work 100% of the time. In fact, graphic designers must intervene manually in these documents (modifying JPGs, multilingual AutoCAD, etc.) and translators can’t use TAO software directly in the source files or via an IDML file.


To optimize the implementation of your translations and keep interventions to a minimum, we've developed a suite of applications that facilitate the task of our graphic designers and the exportation of the documents to our translators.


This process optimization always leads to the best possible esthetic result thanks to the meticulous work of our layout experts (graphic touch-ups, perfect integration of multilingual translations with the adaptation of characters, line-spacing, syllable management, right-to-left languages, etc.), and extremely competitive prices thanks to the skills of our graphic designers and the applications we’ve developed in-house (multilingual integration in AutoCAD, etc.).


Our Adobe-certified graphic design experts are at your service to support your graphic designers or reconstruct your models before the insertion of the translations.
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