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Translating a huge variety of documents including books,
newspaper articles, or promotional material.

Translations for Publishing and Journalism

Press & Editorial Translation Services

We provide editorial translations for the following fields, documents and publications:

Magazine Localisation
Editorials - Articles - Abstracts
Books - Catalogues
Cultural Guides (museums - tourism)
Biographies - Essays

Our team dedicated to editorial translations is enhanced by outside journalists, editorial specialists and proofreaders. For journalistic texts and publications (books, essays, biographies), we translate with the greatest respect for the author's prose, localizing only those aspects that absolutely require adjustment.

Journalistic prose is inclined to be more transparent and to follow some stereotyped rules. But the immediacy of a news story in a British newspaper is seldom found in the paragraphs or even the headlines of a French counterpart. Ignoring these conventions means undermining the local cultures where they were born.


Our editorial services are complete and, in addition to simple translation, also include proofreading prior to publication. Proofreading involves a careful examination of layout and indication of any changes to be made. The layout is printed up and turned over to the proof-reader, whose job involves the following phases:

Correction of any lacunae, errors, typos of all kinds
Layout clarity
Corrections are made using conventional symbols, making it possible to identify what needs to be corrected and how it should be corrected.
The maker-up makes the required changes to the layout and prints up a new draft.
The proof-reader checks that the changes to the first draft have been made and then proofreads again.
In order to achieve a quality result, three drafts are proofed before going to press.



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