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Case Study - Lawson Software.

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Case Study - Lawson Software

On the International ERP Scene

Lawson Software - the multinational group that publishes Movex ERP - trusts Translation-IN with the translation of its Movex software and its user and marketing documentation.

With 20 years of experience behind it, Lawson today supports more than 4,000 clients scattered through some forty countries. Its solutions include enterprise management, supplier relations, customer relations, logistical chain and value chain applications and decision-making tools.

For its translations (screen areas, messages, online help, user documentation, brochures, web site, etc.), Lawson put its trust in Translation-IN. relations, customer relations, logistical chain and value chain applications and decision-making tools.


Lawson's translation needs require several levels of skill:

- Technical: ability to work remotely directly on production machines (AS/400);
- Functional: ERP practice and enterprise management processes;
- Localisation: familiarity with various local situations (especially for accounting).

The complexity of Lawson's needs requires these three levels of skill as well as reactive (fast implementation of Service Packs) and systematic (terminological consistency, etc.) approach.

Concrete solutions and advantages

In three years of collaboration, Translation-IN has been able to meet these three requirements:

- Technical: management of network problems. In order to be able to do these translations, Translation-IN and Lawson's computer department established work stations connected to the production machines. In addition, the Translation-IN team has AS/400 skills;

- Functional: familiarity with the profession. Our teams include people who, during their professional careers, have implemented ERP solutions at the European level. In addition, the translators and quality controllers have an in-depth knowledge of the various enterprise processes (finance, production, distribution, etc.);

- Localisation: familiarity with specific locations. Translation-IN is able to offer the local skills sought after in the main European markets.

In addition, our company applies a specific methodology - definition of project and resources, compilation of glossaries and style manuals, execution, project follow-up and quality assurance.

Finally, Translation-IN uses the Trados tool, which makes it possible to:

- Optimise costs (identification of segments repeated or already translated);
- Reduce production time (creation of Trados translation memories).

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In the Client's Own Words

"It is remarkable to be able to rely on a translation company capable of offering such a complete range of services."

Frank Cohen
Senior Vice President of the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa)
Lawson Sofware