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Audiovisual Translation Services.

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Audiovisual Translation Services

Translation of Audiovisual Supports

We offer professional translation services for the following audiovisual products and media:

Animated Feature-Film Scripts
Press Packets for Movie Debuts
Press Releases
Internet Sites for Films and Cartoons
Flyers for Live-Action Products
DVD Special Content
Videogames for Cell Phones

Effective Solutions

The success of films, cartoons and video games depends on the skillful translation and dubbing of the original products. Our translation agency meets the needs of the audiovisual industry by understanding what it means to use a language and an approach, in every country around the world, capable of entertaining, involving and amusing a broad and demanding audience.

Text Quality

Our clients, who include the top names in the entertainment industry, resolved all issues associated with localization of their leading products by choosing us as their global linguistic partner capable of meeting their many needs in terms of:

authentic and creative language
expressive consistency in all languages
excellent knowledge of targets



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