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Case Study - Integralis.

Providing a high level of quality while remaining within a well-defined budget.

Case Study - Integralis

The Experts in Information Security

Integralis - a European leader in security system integration - trusts Translation-IN for the translation of its marketing documentation.

Founded in 1988, Integralis is the most important European Security System Integrator. Integralis advises and guides companies in implementing Information Technology security solutions, offering its clients an all-around services approach. Integralis' clients include government authorities as well as many large European and American forms, among them two-thirds of the companies listed on the DAX 30, half the companies listed in the FTSE 100, and a third of the companies in the CAC 40.

For the French version of its marketing development plan (press releases, Web site updates, brochures, case studies, white papers, documentation for seminars, etc.), Integralis chose Translation-IN.


Following the translation of a marketing plan like that of Integralis means:

- Understanding the field of information security;
- Using appropriate, consistent terminology;
- Always meeting very tight deadlines;
- Understanding the strategic evolution of the company's marketing plan.

Concrete solutions and advantages

Translation-IN approached this project systematically:

- Definition of resources: a project leader (responsible for selecting translators, forwarding information, planning and quality control) and a team of five competent and interchangeable translators;

- Budget optimisation: texts already translated were counted only once;

- Integration of project objectives: Translation-IN's resources understood the marketing plan strategy so well that they gave the impression they were part of the Integralis team.

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In the Client's Own Words

"The success of this project relied on the choice of a linguistic partner capable of providing and maintaining a high level of quality while remaining within a well-defined budget. With Translation-IN, we found a response to our needs."

Nicolas Kuntz
Marketing Director