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Legal Translation Services.

Handling a challenging diversity of legal translation projects.

Legal Translation Services

Legal Documents

Understanding the language of a legal document written by a foreign jurist and corresponding to a different legislative system often involves enormous difficulties. To support you in these circumstances, we provide translation services for the following documentation:

Sworn Translations
Self-Certified Translations
Contracts of All Kinds
Bylaws and Articles of Association
Notary Documents
Expert Appraisals for Insurance
Regulations and Legislation
Control Standards


Any information or references contained in the legal documents sent to us for quotes or for translation are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Sworn Translation

Our legal team includes some sworn translators who not only provide completely reliable translations but are also qualified to attest the protocols they translate in Italian and French courts.

Self-Certified Translations

This is a legal translation signed by the translator, certifying its quality and validity. This attestation is done by an expert legal translator.



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