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Case Study - Mazars & Guérard.

An excellent & collaborative relationship.

Case Study - Mazars & Guérard

Leader in International Consulting

Mazars & Guérard - an international group operating in the area of consulting and system integration - trusts us to translate manuals, regulations and professional proposals.

Mazars, a Europe-centred international organisation devoted to auditing and certification and to managerial, financial, organisational, technological and legal consulting, bases its development strategy on a multidisciplinary approach to corporate complexity. The Group is present on five continents with 420 partners and some 5,300 professionals and collaborators.

To translate its documentation (auditing standards, quality control and assurance manuals, proposals for professional services, professional practices, etc.) Mazars has chosen to trust our team, because it appreciates the efficiency and responsiveness of the services together with its rigorous and tested approach.


The complexity of the areas that Mazars is involved in requires extreme precision in translation of the various technical and regulatory documents. Mazars' texts in fact require administrative, accounting, legal and managerial knowledge, and even a consulting approach to these aspects.

Concrete solutions and advantages

We satisfy these requirements, having developed various areas of competence that correspond to each required sector:

- Economic and Financial Area

- Legal Area

- IT and Telecommunications Area

In addition, Translation-IN have formulated a precise methodology that includes selecting the right team, compiling ad hoc glossaries, and, at the same time, delivering sample translations in order to define right from the start the style of the final text.

To optimise the translation budget, we analyse documents using Trados, a cost-killing application that makes it possible to:

- Reduce costs (by identifying recurring or previously translated sentence segments);
- Improve production times (by Trados translation memories in various languages).

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In the Client's Own Words

"Even with the largest and most complex projects, Translation-IN has been able to keep the quality of its services high; we have established an excellent collaborative relationship with them. Translation-IN achieves its quality not only in its high content standards but also by rigorously meeting the established deadlines."

Paola Pedotti
Project Office Manager
Mazars & Guérard