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Translating and typesetting an extensive array of documents.

IT & Telecommunications Translation Services

ICT Translations

IT technologies represent a key business area for today's translation market. We began in this sector, and product localization projects and IT services form the core of our knowledge. We provide IT and telecom translation services in the following areas and types of documentation:

ERP Solutions > We meet all translation needs for software houses (screens, online guides, error messages, user manuals, training manuals, functional modifications, procedural guides, product info sheets, marketing brochures, etc.)
Computer Security > product info sheets, brochures, security policies, Web content, user manuals, etc
Geographic Applications – CAD > design software, case studies, Web content, manuals, etc
Specific Applications > we translate many softwares with various applications in the insurance, banking and real estate sectors, for managing leads, for IT asset management, for databank management
Operating Networks and Systems > we translate many documents concerning the management of networks and operating systems
Hardware > we have done many translations for various types of hardware (blade servers, memory cards, etc.)
Internet Site Indexing > we translate meta tags for many Web sites, checking the occurrences of the terms and expressions translated, etc.
B2B Platforms > software and documentation for B2B sites (order forwarding, stock consultation, etc.)

Telecom Translations

The ICT (Information Communication Technologies) sector is a varied market undergoing major expansion. The players in this sector are telephone companies, OEM producers, software publishers, etc. Our translation agency meets all their needs, offering a complete range of services involving the translation of marketing, technical (press releases, product info sheets, Web content), legal and financial documents:

Mobile Telephony > We translate software interfaces for mobile telephony, mini-sites of specific cell phone models, marketing documents, product info sheets, etc.
VoIP Services > many firms rely on us for their business proposals for VoIP services (allowing use of the ADSL line and a VoIP adaptor/VoIP router device or a PC program to call any telephone worldwide) user documentation.
Equipment > we do many projects for various types of ICT equipment (communication platforms for telephone exchanges, camera-equipped mobile phones, MP3 players, etc.)
Other > translations for most ICT applications (messaging, SMS, Internet access, voice mail, networks, etc.)

We translate in almost all areas associated with IT and telecommunications. In fact, we make use of highly qualified outside resources (partners in international auditing firms, SAP consultants, Movex consultants, etc.) who make themselves available whenever necessary to clarify terms and concepts during translation projects.



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