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Specialized translation services in 12 macro-areas

We offer you the right team of specialized translators for translation services in the ICT, Legal, Publishing, Beauty, Culture, Tourism, Scholarly Research, Medicine, Fashion, Design, Websites, Public Administration and Audiovisual sectors.

Translation services


Professional translation services

Our translation services

We’ve developed from roots in IT translation and audiovisual translation at the beginning of the 21st century. Over the years we’ve grown in both numbers and know-how, gradually developing twelve operational teams with expertise in twelve areas of specialization that form our current range of translation services.


Translation services with multi-sector experience: guaranteeing the right translation, whatever your area of activity


With 15 years of direct customer service experience in 12 macro-sectors with 2,500 companies and a team of 150 translators with business backgrounds, the project managers at Translation-IN can identify the resources and tools necessary for your strategic and operational needs. Our active knowledge of a wide array of business sectors and their processes allows us to comprehend the scope of your translation project to offer you tailor-made linguistic solutions, every time.


Multimedia Translation Services

We offer you access to the full range of our multidisciplinarity in implementing translation services on all types of communications media. Our teams can transfer your texts onto any digital support system. For us, translationis not an obligatory step that often fails to meet expectations. Translation-IN gets the most value out of your content, so it can have the impact you need for your international development.


Layout Services (InDesign, Autocad, Photoshop, e-books ...)
Website and E-Commerce Department (CMS, Prestashop, Geotreck ...)
Software Localization Department (programming files, online guide files, etc.)
Subtitles and Dubbing Department (.srt files, voice registration, video editing, etc.)

Multilingual translation services: geographical coverage that satisfies 100% of your strategic and operational needs

Our 150 skilled and reliable professional translators work in the 40 most-used languages in the business world. At Translation-IN we take care of all your linguistic needs at an international level, adapting your content to the local contexts you want to reach.


H2T® Method: guaranteed quality translations when you need them, at the best price on the market

Through its translation services, our company allows you to benefit from the quality and flexibility of the H2T® Method. Our mission is to participate fully in the development and success of your business strategies, and this method is our recipe for doing so.


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