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Article - White Paper on Translation.

Please, make a direct contribution to the White Paper on Translation.

White Paper on Translation

Create a professional translation encyclopaedia based on wiki technology

Call for contributions to the "White Paper on Translation" initiative

This White Paper aims to register and display all the fundamental ideas and features relating to translation into various old and modern languages.
- Start date: 15th September 2007
- End date: 31st March 2008

This proposal is aimed at translators, interpreters and translation professionals who wish to contribute to creating a white paper on professional translation, using Wiki technology, a work by nature that will be completed, edited and enriched by every single contributor (based on the same Wiki principle). A wiki is in fact a collection of hypertext documents on the same topic that allows each of its users to add content, but also edit existing content added by other visitors.

Readers of this Wiki can constantly understand and enrich the aspects and outcome of translation related issues and trends.

To make a direct contribution to the White Paper on Translation, send your contributions (interesting articles, links, websites, blogs, direct testimonies...) to the following e-mail address:



For more information: Libro Bianco sulla traduzione