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Translation of B2B and B2C advertising and promotional campaigns

We translate marketing campaigns aimed at everyone, successful experiences to be shared

Traduzione-IN - Traduzione campagne pubblicitarie e promozionali

Translation of advertising and promotional campaigns to seize new and endless opportunities

How should an advertising campaign aimed at mass communication or a promotional campaign based on more targeted messages be translated? How can intercultural branding strategies be localized? How should case studies of successful strategic activities be translated?

Translations with a sharp tone, creative but, absolutely faithful to the narrated text, whose communicative power is sublimated thanks to evocative and concise writing. The combination of these four factors allows our marketing experts to promote and enhance your brand without any geographical or cultural limits. The communication professionals of Translation-IN know how to fully distinguish between advertising, mass communication that suggests purchases, and promotions that aim to "retain" and stimulate sales through deadlines.

Traduzione campagne pubblicitarie e promozionali

Translating a brand's storytelling

Case studies and storytelling have entered marketing language to "explain" a brand, making it live as if it were an animated story (for example in the case of digital storytelling, in which the narration of a brand is built thanks to images, videos and engaging music).

In the era of super-fast communication, offering an identity to your brand is not enough; once you have created the core message and established its narrative line, only 75% of the work can be expected to have been completed.

But how to achieve from all points of view?

Obviously, by aiming to achieve a perfect translation of all the strategic organs of your promotional campaign, so that the value of your brand can attract and activate as many audiences as possible beyond the national borders.

Translation of case studies

Why is the translation of case studies so important?

Because focusing on the testimonials of those who have already tested your brand is an indirect and effective way to advertise. Valuing and sharing feedback from your established customers increases the sense of trust in your brand and this always translates into a growth in popularity.

Translating your brand's case study allows potential global customers to get to know it, to find similarities with their needs, to perceive its added value and to want to immediately acquire its advantages (call to action).

The Translation-IN agency provides you with translation services that can achieve these goals.

Traduzione campagne pubblicitarie e promozionali
Traduzione campagne pubblicitarie e promozionali

Marketing translations with Copywriter Editing

The translation of a brand's storytelling acquires value when the translator, before telling the story of the brand in his/her native language, understands it deeply.

Our expert marketing translators determine the scope of the translation of promotional campaigns using precise and qualifying language. If the translations are in Italian, for example, they do not translate terms such as storytelling, story sharing, story doing for all, story success or brand awareness. And in this case, to avoid repetition and cacophony, they alternate expressions such as "promotional campaign" or "promotional concept".

For us it is obvious that the use of inadequate wording can heavily affect the incisiveness of the translation of each promotional text, putting the success of a campaign at risk.

In our translation agency, for promotional marketing texts the last word is always up to the copywriter. Our communication professionals, through the identification of creative concepts, perform the editing of translations, making them more convincing, evocative and performing.

B2B and B2C marketing translations for multicultural advertising campaigns

The translators and copywriters of Translation-IN collaborate in the localization of each promotional text based on these five guiding criteria:

  1. Naturalness. Localized promotional texts must flow smoothly and casually, placing themselves exactly at the opposite end of mechanical translations.
  2. Creativity. Although faithful to the original, the translations of promotional campaigns must have a brilliant tone and arouse the respect of those concerned.
  3. Precision. Obviously, this does not mean that translations should be based on anything that is not exact information (percentages, dates, choice of verb tenses), to channel the key events of a brand in a new language.
  4. Emotionality. Their often essential style magnifies the emotional impact of messages, stimulates sharing and newsworthiness.

Our translation agency never loses sight of the ultimate goal of translating an advertising campaign: lead generation, i.e. the marketing action that allows you to maintain your contacts and leverage the interest of others, viralizing a case study on social media thanks to claims, narrative lines and call to action created and translated to be shared.

Traduzione campagne pubblicitarie e promozionali

We translate stories aimed at everyone, stories to share, success stories!

Traduzione campagne pubblicitarie e promozionali

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