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Translation-IN: our professionalism becomes your worldwide competitive tool!

Our network of expert linguists (professional translators with sector-specific know-how) and technicians (computer programmers, graphic designers, and video editors) are available to assist you in the development of your international communication strategy

What distinguishes our translation agency from the others?

Une équipe de traduction unique

A unique team and mentality

The professional relationship with our translators goes beyond the usual collaborative dynamics between translator and translation agency. Our linguists’ average length of company service is 7-8 years, thanks to a reduced personnel turnover generated by a mentality fostering the professional growth of each individual member.

Notre priorité c'est le client

The client at the center of our attention

Our translation agency applies the H2T® translation method and encourages a productive dialogue with every client. Our goal is two-fold: to provide a translation with the highest qualitative standards, and to integrate your corporate strategy directly into our translation work.

Agence de traduction digitale

Our translation agency: 100% digital since 2002

Since the creation of our parent translation agency, Lipsie, in 2002, our strategy has been two-fold: staying on the cutting edge of innovation and reducing fixed costs. The digital world is our source of inspiration. Indeed it is the common thread that runs throughout our history: an exciting path toward the continuous reduction of the cost of translation projects.

Our translation agency is founded on productive and long-lasting relationships with our translators, partners and clients

The heart of our workforce is a team of 150 referenced translators and adaptors and 4 project managers, who together provide pecialized translations in 12 areas of expertise (IT, Telecommunications, Finance, Insurance, Legal, Publishing, Culture, Manufacturing and Industry, Tourism, Medicine, Scientific Research, Consulting, Audiovisual, Business, Marketing).

Equipe de l'agence Traduction-IN
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We’re not looking to astound you with large numbers, but thanks to the quality of our services

At present we’ve translated over 100 million words in the 44 most widespread languages, and simultaneously compiled a database of technical glossaries and supplementary documentation of over 5.5 million entries, a linguistic patrimony that is being continuously expanded and refined, and which allows us to find the most suitable linguistic solutions for every need. In 17 years of activity we’ve provided translation services to over 2,500 companies.

Translation-IN guarantees complete, personalized and LIPSIE-certified services®

The secret of our translation agency is its linguistic team, comprised exclusively of highly-skilled and trusted translators. This group of proven professionals makes it possible to find the right resource at the right time, every time, and not assign projects that are time-sensitive to new translators plucked at random from a database and whose characteristics, reliability and actual expertise are unknown.

Equipe de l'agence Traduction-IN

Translation-IN offers services of translation, adaptation, DTP, web design, indexing, voice-over, and subtitling

Translation-IN works principally on wide-ranging, structured communication projects for companies, institutions, associations and professionals with a consolidated presence on the international market. In addition, thanks to a series of partnerships with integrated communications agencies, web designers, SEO and video post-production teams, we present a “comprehensive” communication package, where every need is analyzed and managed in a single work flow.