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Video Translations

Our expert audiovisual team will give voice and substance to your images

Traduzione-IN - Audiovisual Translations

Audiovisual Translations

Compared to other linguistic sectors, audiovisual translation requires particular expertise. Besides bringing a text from the source language to the target language, the linguist dealing with audiovisual translations must proceed in harmony with the narration, as well as keep in mind acoustic and visual communication. For over ten years Translation-IN has been working with the foremost registration and dubbing studios, which invite our collaborators to attend training and refresher workshops so their skills remain in step with a sector that’s constantly evolving.

Dubbing, Voice-Over and Subtitling

Dubbing, Voice-Over and Subtitling

The style and objectives of video translation may vary according to the demands of the client and their audience. With simil-sync dubbing for example, we replace the original dialogue with translated, adapted and synchronized lines that don’t necessarily correspond to lip movements. With the technique of voice over, on the other hand, we leave the original dialogues in the background, adding the target-language dialogue and making the effort to use a style as concise and natural as possible.

Video, a Tool for Promoting Your Business


The number of companies that entrust the presentation of their business activities to a professional video is increasing by leaps and bounds. This is why we help our clients subtitle and dub their videos, indispensable tools for strengthening a brand’s visibility on the web in terms of VSEO.

In this regard, we also offer indexing and technical implementation services for videos on YouTube. In addition to improving a website’s performance on search engines, a video’s presence offers the company greater appeal for potential clients. The addition of subtitles or a voice-over translation increases the website’s visibility in the vast sea of the Internet.

Translations for Movies and Much More


From pre to post-production, we support the realization of animated feature films for Europe’s most prestigious production houses. For years Disney, the animation giant, has continued to choose Translation-IN for its translations in Italian. We also translate screenplays, plot summaries, and subject outlines for documentaries and works of fiction.

Translation Services for E-Learning


The video sector has also conquered the world of professional training: tutorials are considered essential tools for informing and for expanding the know-how of employees and users in general. One of the sectors to reap the most benefits from this new formative technique is stock trading: that’s why our agency also provides technical translations of audiovisual products intended for the financial world, particularly video courses which make training easier and more immediate. From Power Point presentation to audio registration, we see to a video course’s every detail.