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Translation of public and private tenders

Translation services for international tender specifications

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni bandi gare d'appalto e capitolati

Partners for the translation of international call for tender specifications

Participating in an international tender means being able to successfully manage the language barriers related to the presentation of the required documents with serenity, alongside a company specialized in technical and legal translations able to locate, certify or legalize, promptly and professionally, all types of documents contained in the call.

Our translation services for international calls for tenders provides a specific response in the multilingual preparation of your application dossiers. Our multinational clients (Zodiac, Rolls Royce Marine, Unac, etc.) rely serenely on our language services (Legal - Financial - Technical) in the case of practices that require subcontracting operations aimed at other European countries.

Translation services specifications guaranteed by those who know the procedures and documents of the calls for tenders

Specifically, a call for tenders allows a buyer to consult several potential suppliers (candidates) simultaneously and if the candidate submits a technical dossier in which the subcontractors are companies based in several European countries, the intervention of a translation agency is necessary to take charge of the language versions of the documents, with the following characteristics:

  • Specific knowledge of the structure of tenders: our project manager actively participates in the creation of client application dossiers, while the translators assigned to the projects know the judging criteria of the consultation regulations while drawing up their translations,
  • Realization of specialized and highly personalized translations to enhance the professional skills and the financial and legal prerogatives of the candidate,
  • Management of the documentation of foreign subcontractors in both directions: issuance and sending of translations of the specifications, of the complete or partial translation of the consultation regulations, etc.; and receipt and translation of the documentation provided by subcontractors for their integration into the tender of the candidate for the awarding of the contract.

List of requirements relating to the awarding of public works contracts in Italy

Translations for public services - The list of requirements, regardless of the specificity of the tender, which foreign companies must possess to access Italian tenders according to the Procurement Code (Legislative Decree 163/2006), are summarized in the various certifications that must be translated to demonstrate they exist:

Traduzioni bandi gare d'appalto e capitolati
Traduzioni bandi gare d'appalto e capitolati

Types of texts

  • Translation of Certifications for general requirements including the Integrity of the Company
  • Anti-Mafia Certification Translation
  • Translation of Certifications related to specific requirements (Technical, Organizational and Economic and Financial)
Traduzioni bandi gare d'appalto e capitolati

Clients and types of services

  • Italiana Costruzioni S.p.A. - Translation of an international tender
  • T-Systems - Translation from Italian to the language of the country where the tender takes place
  • Zodiac Group - Translation and certification of tender documents
  • Bayer MaterialScience - Translation of specifications attached to a contract
  • Unac - Translation of certifications on the integrity of the company and technical specifications