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Translation of Newsletters in the Fashion Industry

Translation-IN Agency expert in multilingual newsletters: a matter of style and competence

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni Newsletter moda

Newsletter translations: the real messengers of Fashion

The newsletter is one of the most effective active marketing tools for promotional strategies. Sending a simple e-mail allows you to reach every target and distribute articles, offers and peculiarities of your brand. Over the years the newsletter has proven to be an essential promotional tool, especially when it comes to the fashion industry.

Almost all brands offer their mailing lists, news and promotions to subscribers on a regular basis and translated into all the main languages. But be careful, writing and translating a newsletter for a fashion brand implies, more than ever, having style and skills. The Translation-IN takes particular care and attention over these documents since it is aware that its recipients often have demanding tastes, know the technical jargon, fashion show calendars, past collections and seasonal trends. To be read and leverage sales of the brand, this content must combine charm, relevance and originality, otherwise the reader can make the drastic decision to unsubscribe from it.

Traduzioni Newsletter moda

Our linguists and copywriters for à la page translation services

There are many brands of international stature that turn to our Fashion translation services to retain users, keep their interest alive and turn them into new purchases. The translation of newsletters in the Fashion industry requires a set of skills and competences that only a small circle of Agencies can offer.

The translation of a newsletter in the Fashion industry must, first of all, aim to be persuasive, that is, be able to convince the reader that the brand you are talking about has value. In our Agency, the translation service is then joined by the skillful intervention of the copywriter. Thanks to this procedure, the final text is always reworked with a natural and evocative style, maintaining the same intensity even in the new translated version. Our copywriters have a perfect mastery of both writing techniques and the rules of marketing and know how to detach themselves just enough from the master copy where there is a danger of being trapped in the swamp of a mechanical and literal translation.

Translating new brands is our aspiration

Acquiring translations of new brands is an exciting challenge for us. The rhythms of Fashion are sometimes very tight and customers often require fast deliveries but of indisputable quality. Our top priority is to always rely on a reactive team of experienced linguists because to offer an excellent translation in this field you cannot improvise. In our Agency, those who carry out Fashion translations have expertise in different types of writing: content for e-commerce sites, product descriptions, press releases, presentation of catalogs. Our translators decide when to keep English terms in cases where their translation would be clumsy. Expressions such as must, ready to wear, palettes, for example, must always be kept as such in the contents in Italian.

Traduzioni Newsletter moda
Traduzioni Newsletter moda

Elegant style and promotion

The text of a fashion newsletter must not appear to be explicitly advertising. On the contrary, it is preferable for it to present its garments in a wider context, taking inspiration from a particular fashion event, seasonal trends, news, entertainment or something else.

Translation-IN respects the style of the original newsletters which must be as direct and informal as possible. The use of more informal addresses is critical to achieving the goal of persuasion. Our digital layout professionals develop the graphic format of the newsletter alongside us: photos, colors and fonts contribute to making it pleasant and stimulating to read this Fashion newsletter.