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Editorial translations of works and books for publishing houses

Translation agency for leading companies in the traditional and digital publishing industry

Traduzioni editoriali

Use our reliable editorial translation services for the digital and traditional book industry

In the current publishing landscape, we offer an added value that is highly appreciated by our clients because our editorial translations are always personalized and of good value. Our approach embraces every nuance of the editorial projects we finalize with publishers or authors of books.

  • We analyze the customer base and the socio-demographic criteria of readers to see if the texts to be translated are intended for personal or professional use
  • We then evaluate the reading media used, be it a printed book and/or a Kindle format, e-book, or App
  • Finally, our editorial team considers the distribution channel chosen by the author, such as traditional bookstores, kiosks or the Web. Or the translation of publications for companies or intended for professional channels.

Once the overall approach has been determined, our translation agency will provide you with a detailed form that allows you to fill in your "editorial translation instructions" in just a few minutes. This form, consisting of all the editorial rules contained in each internationalization project, is divided into two parts: the editorial rules and the typographic rules.