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Medical and scientific translations

Translations for medicine, pharmacology and scientific research

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni medico scientifiche

Total medical and scientific translations

Medical and scientific translations currently occupy 15% of our annual activity and include the most varied fields of human knowledge and medical health research. For us it is a very vast sector that embraces scientific disciplines including Western and Eastern medicine, the traditional pharmaceutical industry, phytotherapy, homeopathy, veterinary, industry and research manufacturers of medical equipment, biomedicine, chemistry and University scientific research. Medical and scientific translations are assigned, as with any other area of specialization, only to professional translators with a serious mastery of the industry.

Traduzioni medico scientifiche

Medical and health translations

Within the healthcare sector, our pharmaceutical translation services regard the linguistic processing of package leaflets, leaflets, labels, brochures and highly confidential documentation. For a company that develops quantum medicine equipment and biological supplements, we translate their manuals and product sheets. In addition, we translate the manuals of the leading company in the production of soft capsules for the pharmaceutical and food industry. For numerous publishing houses of scientific publications we translate questionnaires, forms, synopsis, interviews, agreements with the big players in the pharmaceutical industry.

We work with companies experienced in dental communication and companies specialized in the production and distribution of supplies and appliances for the dental, dental and orthodontic sectors. Since 2015 we have been the linguistic partner of a company under Swiss law, operating in the field of health informatics; we are carrying out a vast internalization project for them that includes the localization of websites dedicated to public and medical professionals, the translation of brochures, advertising documentation, contracts, as well as ICD 10 research databases (relating to all pathologies) and ICD 9 databases (relative to all surgical procedures), consisting of all medical nomenclatures, which is constantly updated.

Finally, we provide medical translation services to strategic consultancy companies in the health industry, authoritative public and private hospitals and clinics specialized in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Translations of urgent ministerial circulars on health matters

We have enhanced our range of urgent language services in the medical/scientific sector, also providing the translation of circulars from European Ministries of Health, to define the measures for the prevention, control and surveillance of epidemiological alerts of virus based diseases.

Traduzioni medico scientifiche
Traduzioni medico scientifiche

Translations for scientific and University education

We carry out scientific translations for many Universities and colleges in France and Italy. We translated, into German, French and English, a website for a prestigious school of Freudian Psychoanalysis in Milan and the localization of the online guide of one of the greatest Italian psychologists, dedicated to diseases related to anxiety. For over three years we have been providing our linguistic support, on a non-profit basis, to the European Organization against Facio-Scapolo-Humemeral Dystrophy (FSHD Europe), with which in 2013 we also created an interesting testimonial client - Medical translations against dystrophy.

Our medical and scientific translation services

Traduzioni medico scientifiche

Types of documents translated

  • Medical translations of clinical trials - Reports - Scientific publications
  • Medical translations of clinical protocols - Medical records - Scientific investigations
  • Pharmaceutical translations - University theses - Labels and packaging - Websites
  • Translation of quality questionnaires - Convention material - Market research
  • Translation of catalogs and user manuals for medical equipment - Packaging leaflets - Brochures
  • Translation of test and analysis results - Certificates - Recipes - Medical reports
  • Translation of books and medical publications - Posters for congresses - Scientific research