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Translation of agri-food and products for the large-scale retail chain

Food and Beverage translations of websites advertising texts, marketing content, labeling and press releases

Traduzione-IN - Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari

Food product translations

The food and beverage market has a general physiognomy that requires the synergistic activity of highly specialized translators and reviewers. This supply chain, constantly expanding in Italy and France, is a real flagship for our translation agency that has been able to consolidate prestigious partnerships thanks to the quality of its services and its perfect Franco-Italian duality.

Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari

Partnership for agri-food translations 100% Made in Italy

We are the privileged linguistic partners of one of the most active and exclusive e-marketplaces in the Italian food and beverage sector we have been working with since 2010. For their customers we provide targeted translation services of Italian food and wine products. PATs, traditional Italian agri-food products, foods of certified quality, included in a special list, prepared by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

Translation of food labelling for catering products

We provide translations of labels and food data sheets, where the fields to be translated have been defined while maintaining a reduction in the percentage of repetition. In the commercial name of food products we encounter often imaginative formats to be expertly translated thanks to the related images, the detailed description of the ingredients and the processing procedures, the pre-cooking or recommended cooking phases. We are used to providing translations of food products for restaurant chains that are opening new outlets abroad and that need documentation to support production (product labels) and customers (for example for ingredient books to be consulted at the point of sale or catering).

Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari
Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari

Translations of labels and regulations for the food sector

Translation-IN provide its translation services to all the main players in the agri-food industry: from the most famous food and beverage brands, to fast food restaurant chains, large retailers, importers and specialized culinary publishing. In the agri-food industry our main customers include the Italian leader in the sale and home distribution of frozen food products. We translate packaging and labels for the leading manufacturer in the bakery sector and hydrated cream production facilities in the filling market. We locate sites and packaging for a food company specialized in the production of ice cream, frozen croissants and anniversary desserts. In addition, we specialize in the translation of test reports whose judgment of food suitability for samples is essential for the dissemination of products in compliance with the requirements established by EU Regulations.

Translation of organic and dietary products brochure

We translate brochures specifically designed for the food diets provided by Swiss clinics specialized in weight loss and well-being. Each translated text corresponds to the detailed description of a healthy diet that contains only organic foods and dosed for a correct intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins for your body.

Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari
Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari

Translation of the wine sector and strong spirits

In regard to the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages we provide comprehensive translation services that include contracts, websites, product sheets, brochures, marketing documents and presentations for training sales forces and distributors. Our customer base is composed of small and large wineries but also leaders in the field of aperitifs, sparkling wines, brewers and distributors.

Our translation services for large-scale retailers and agri-food

Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari

Main sectors in which we provide our food translation services

  • Recipes for traditional, vegetarian and vegan cuisine
  • Labelling and European and non-European regulations
  • Ingredient lists with nutritional analysis
  • Description of food products
  • Culinary guides and advertising material
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Web sites and newsletters
  • Menus for restaurants and events
  • Videos & Applications
Traduzione grande distribuzione e agro-alimentari

Clients and types of food translation services

  • Marmitton - Translation and subtitling of recipes on the website
  • Bofrost S.p.A. - Translation of product data sheets and labels
  • Martini & Rossi - Bacardí Group - Corporate presentation translations
  • Cocagne - Translations of ingredient lists of frozen products
  • Carrefour - Food packaging translation
  • LVMH - Dictionary translation of terms used in the gastronomic sector
  • McDonald's - Marketing Documentation Translation
  • Danone - Translation of descriptive lists of food products
  • Gambero Rosso Holding S.p.A. - Translation of wine labels
  • École Supérieure de Cuisine Française ESCF Ferrandi - Translation of culinary art recipes
  • Sammontana S.p.A. - Translation of mini sites for Christmas products