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Translation of Subtitles

Subtitles for the hearing and deaf: transcription, formatting, synchronization, segmentation rules, rhythm and translation strategies

Traduction-IN - Traduction sous-titres

Subtitle translations for every need

In addition to experts in sync and lip-likeness, the Translation-IN agency includes audiovisual translators who, without any hesitation, declare that they prefer subtitling over other branches of this sector.

Our translators, adaptors, dialogists and subtitlers all know film and television genres and the underlying linguistic constraints. Each of them understands the problems related to the process of subtitling and adaptation of dialogues, having a wide mastery of the main editors (Subtitle Workshop 6.0, Visual SubSync 1.0.1, DivXLand Media Subtitler 2.2.0, VideoSubSync, AegiSub). Our translators know how to use audio-video adaptation technologies and systems (subtitles and even audio descriptions), which allow audiences with sensory disabilities (total and partial blindness or deafness) to enjoy the entertainment product.

Translation-IN manages all kinds of subtitling projects, respecting every technical specificity, or client request, with particular attention paid to Italian (Rai regulations for subtitling) and also international (Netflix standards) settings.

Traduction sous-titres

Inter-lingual and intra-linguistic subtitling

Subtitling is a TAV procedure that aims to correctly pass the contents from the oral channel to the written channel. At Translation-IN we carry out both intra-lingual subtitling (with a translation service) and inter-lingual subtitling (to support those with impaired hearing). In subtitles for hearing people, we carry out the formatting, synchronization, sentence segmentation rules, rhythm and translation strategies to be implemented upfornt. In subtitles for impaired hearing we apply the legislation and the state of the art in force in Italy and abroad. We follow the formatting instructions, the use of labels and the SDH or CC subtitles required by each individual customer.

Suppose the context in which there are two people, an interviewer and an interviewee, talking in two different languages. In the subtitling files you will choose to insert the spoken languages of both languages so that the video can become intelligible even to the deaf.

Traduction-IN - Traduction sous-titres

Transcription - the origin of a quality subtitle

The first phase of the translation and subtitling of a video often begins with a transcription of the spoken text. We prefer that this important step is performed by a native translator, expert in audiovisual products, so that the speech is perfectly understood and adapted. When the translator assigned to the translation of the subtitles believes that he/she has a complete understanding of the passive language, we prefer, in any case, ta native translator to review the transcription, listening to the speech, before having it validated by the client and subsequently, to have it translated into the language which the subtitling concerns.

Traduction sous-titres

Subtitles and compromise between written and spoken language

For our subtitling services we always try to grasp the right compromise between the need for accuracy of the written language and the need to reproduce speech, that is, a linguistic expression more disconnected from rigid formats.

Traduction-IN - Traduction sous-titres

Audio video synchronization

Another technical and stylistic aspect that we carry out with the utmost attention is synchronization. Our translators, adapters and subtitlers constantly match the presence of a relevant subtitle with the rhythms of the dialogue, ensuring complete correspondence between the texts in the subtitles and the uninterrupted succession of images.

In subtitling, the audiovisual text remains unchanged and accompanies the original without suppressing it. During a video, film or television program, subtitles are read only once and therefore must be clear and immediately understandable to everyone. In addition, viewing should not be hindered by an exaggeratedly cumbersome display of subtitles. As a result, during the subtitling service, the professionals of Agenzia Traduzione-IN are careful to respect and enforce the physical limits of space and time within a video. Our subtitles are based on a precise and wise act of summarising messages.

Traduction sous-titres

Specialists in subtitles and communication

Our audiovisual translators specialized in subtitles have a respectable professional back ground. After training at specialized schools, they have participated in the Festivals in their countries of origin, during which they began to put into practice the techniques of subtitling and synchronization, measuring themselves with the tight deadlines and the most strict and varied instructions.

The audiovisual team of Translation-IN works for television networks, production companies and online platforms. In addition, our clients are also the protagonists of numerous international film festivals (including the Cannes and Berlin International Film Festivals), for which carry out the intralingual subtitling of feature films screened in European premieres.

In addition to the skills acquired over the years, the work of our audiovisual translators in the field of subtitling never takes place in isolation. On the contrary, for all of us it is of fundamental importance to be able to dialogue with our customers, prepare the best solutions together, take care of the details to the maximum extent possible because it is precisely the latter that create a pleasant product for those who look at it and those who listen to it.

To establish a personalized graphic impact we choose, along with the customer, the font to be used among the range of fonts suitable for subtitling and, subsequently, always in agreement with the customer’s opinion, we decide whether to insert the subtitles on two lines, maintaining a transparent or black background.

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