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Translation of tourist guides

Translations of tourist guides, translations of catalogs for monuments, museums and artistic and cultural events

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni guide turistiche

Translations of tourist guides

A tourist guide is a tool that orients and completes the knowledge of a tourist about a place, a monument or an event that the tourist wishes to know, study and visit. For the translation of tourist guides, whether they are dedicated to sites rich in art and history or exhibitions, events or places of environmental value, precise cultural skills are required, ranging from art, history, anthropology, as well as landscapes, customs and traditions, different climates and ecosystems, etc.

Traduzione-IN - Contatti

Elisabetta Bertinotti

Head of translations in the tourism, art and culture sectors

Traduzioni guide turistiche

Partners for the translation of guides and catalogs for tourist offices and cultural institutions

For the cultural tourism sector, we translate guides, catalogs, leaflets and brochures for tourist offices in Italy and France. In addition, we are linguistic partners of institutions, consortia and confederations such as Culturalia - leader of cultural tourism in Italy, art communication and organization of cultural events, and Federculture, Federation of Companies and Management Bodies for culture, tourism, sport and leisure.

Traduzioni guide turistiche

Translations of guides and press releases for musical events

When tourism is a cultural factor that is intertwined with figurative art and classical music, our editorial translation agency is even more stimulated to do well. Meeting these particular needs with urgent translation services, such as press releases, is what we provide when we are following important musical events such as the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the Puccini Festival and for well-known violin competitions, for example the Noto Musica Festival.

Traduzioni guide turistiche

Translations of catalogs and museum guides

We translate catalogs for art galleries, museums, exhibitions of objects that testify to the cultural evolution in Europe. For a Museum in Belgium and for the Museum of Mediterranean Masks in Sardinia we translated guides on the history of masks, their similarities and differences. Masks, objects-sculptures in popular traditions, thus become objects of communication and tradition in religious, but also political, artistic and social contexts.

Our tourist guide translation services

Traduzioni guide turistiche

Main types of translations of guides, catalogs web content

  • Translations of museum guides
  • Translations of maps and historic centers
  • Translations of audio guides museums and monuments
  • Translations of catalogs works of art
  • Translations of museums websites
  • Translation of music competitions websites
  • Translation of exhibition posters
  • Translation of art gallery catalogs
Traduzioni guide turistiche

Types of translation services dedicated to the tourism sector

  • General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes Direzione Turismo Cultura "Musée départemental des Merveilles" (Departmental Museum of Wonders) - Translations of Internet sites and brochures
  • Vive le Japon - Translations for the largest tour operator dedicated to tourism in Japan
  • International Association for the Biennial of Young European and Mediterranean Artists BJCEM - Translation of a collective catalog
  • Academy of Fine Arts - Paris - Translations of biographical guides concerning the artists
  • Marmottan Monet Museum in collaboration with L'Accadémie des Beaux Arts - Paris - translation guide to the museum of the same name
  • Pinacoteca Vaticana - Translation of the works catalogue
  • Castle of Vaux Le Vicompte - Editions Scala - Translation of the monument's guide catalogue
  • Uffizi Museum - E-ducation - Audio-guide translation
  • Vatican Museums – Translation of the catalog of sculptures on display
  • Editore MondoGIS - Translation Culturalia - cultural tourism in Italy
  • Dinam Tourism Office - Brittany - Translation of detailed maps, monuments and roads
  • International Museum of Carnival and Mask - Belgium - Translation of the exhibition catalogue
  • Sait Jean de Monts City Guide Translation in Vendée - France
  • Venice Biennale - Translations brochures and guides "Project Stand GénéroCité"