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Translation as an ally and promoter of the taste for beauty

Traduzione-IN - Traduzione architettura design

Translation services for architecture, interior design and industrial design

An appropriate translation of 'beauty' coincides with the creation of an aestheticizing language that contemplates the material elegantly shaped by a master designer, transforming itself into a discursive flow that magically crosses the boundaries between the different subjects. The search for a translation model is a search for modes of communication projected into an increasingly interlinguistic and intercultural universe, consisting of multiple heritages of knowledge, supports, systems, languages that coexist and dialogue with each other. Elegant writing, refinement and precision in lexical choices, authentic passion for the topics covered, accompanied by readings and updates on what supplies the universe of Design, these are the essential requirements to be able to write or translate integrated design studies.

Starting from brief hints of content and keywords, the Translation-IN agency translates and drafts articles on furniture and design, also from a SEO perspective. With the help of its original and captivating transcreated content, it contributes to the success of corporations that thrive in these sectors. Leafing through the range of translation requests we have received in the last three years, there are 4 most recurring types of text: blog articles, e-commerce site pages, 3D product configuration sheets and traditional editorials of specialized periodicals. By selecting the appropriate profiles in the design sector translations, our attention is paid to those who, by translating, respect the innovative concepts that reconcile functionality and aesthetics.

Traduzione architettura design

Specific terminology according to the type of project

We specialize in translation services regarding descriptions of architectural works for the supply of real estate completed to perfection. These design documents with a dual function, technical and commercial, are needed by architects to make their offers beyond national borders; structured in chapters rich in terminology for the construction engineering and architecture sector, they summarize with extreme skill the characteristics and management of the construction sites, the design of reinforced concrete for construction works, the required roofing, interior finishes, descriptions of the energy systems and last but not least, the definition of the safety plans carried out for all architectural intervention areas. Building engineers-architects, who carry out the design in all its stages, need precise and professional translation services if they want to seriously offer their work abroad in areas of high aesthetic technological profiles.

We provide translation services to companies that offer personalized Digital Engagement virtual experiences, to make the reciprocity between the user and the observed object exclusive, the result of the creativity and practicality of a skilled designer. The most requested documents are the multi-language translation of 3D cards with three-dimensional configurator in real time, aimed at the most important brands of national and international design. The rational and creative impetus that takes shape in a light point or in a tool, for us needs to be "explained" with clarity and elegance. The translation must complete the work of cutting-edge furniture, fashion accessories, cars, to crystallize the user's interest in art, technicality, taste and functionality.

Design Translation

example of interdisciplinary dialogue

Designers can define themselves as industrial designers and perhaps even post-modern artists, but, both these professions do not totally encompass these roles since their action is placed between the two, assuming the role of 'creator mediator', just as happens to 'transcreator translators' when they get to work; and it is precisely in the fulfillment of these analogies, that translators prove to be able to interpret and transpose the genius of designers as if they instinctively knew the source of inspiration.

Objectively, the work of designers is positioned between corporations and the market, between production and marketing, between products and their end users, between conceptual idea and concretized object, between the journey towards the search for beauty and the reality that surrounds us. For their part, professional translators are aware that designers are as much communication specialists as them. Both know how to successfully dialogue the form and functionality, productivity and elegance of an object, ecology and services, profit and processes intrinsic to true sustainability.

Traduzione architettura design
Traduzione architettura design

Translators and designers carry out an unlimited mediation activity

The wittiest analogies between translator and designers have recently been listed by the researchers of Milan Polytechnic, E. Caratti and G. Basile, in their "Design is Translation", collection, a work that illustrates the "knots of relevance and the implications that arise from the relationship between the field of Design Studies" and that of Translation, affinities related to linguistic and cultural mediation on the one hand and to the project and visual mediation on the other hand.

Translators who ensure communication between people of different nationalities have the duty to know the grammar and vocabulary of the languages of translation and also the cultures underlying each language involved in depth. An optimum level is achieved when translators/interpreters have the gift of putting people at ease and encouraging their contact thanks to an open, natural and totally interactive dialogue, as if there were no more language barriers between them.

Assuming that designers and architects must have the right technical preparation, a valid cultural background and a strong global vision, in their profession in the abstract they perform the same function as translators. In this case, in particular industrial designers, performs the same "mediation - translation" procedure between corporations and markets, managers and consumer groups, productive and commercial needs. Even in relation to editorial design, the link between translations and translators becomes close and real; in several graphic examples of avant-garde publishing it is important to underline how signs become content while designer illustrators seek a renewal of the aesthetics and tactility of books.

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