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Translation of cosmetics, fashion, luxury and design

Translation services aimed at the cosmetics, fashion, haute cuisine, design, architecture and wellness sectors

Traduzione-IN - Traduzione prodotti di lusso nei settori automobili, altamoda e nautica

Translation of luxury products in the automotive, haute couture and nautical sectors

Global demand for luxury goods has been steadily increasing for years. In the current year we carried out the translation of the site of luxury cars and the concessionary leader in Northern Italy of Ferrari and Maserati. Numerous Italian and French brands in the field of high fashion, prêt-à-porter and accessories periodically assign us many of their fashion translations concerning catalogs, marketing texts, press releases and e-commerce sites. We provide translation services to nautical companies that rent and sell yachts, with luxury equipment and furnishings.

Traduzioni benessere per cosmesi, profumi e gastronomia

Wellness translations for cosmetics, perfumes and gastronomy

These are projects of well-known cosmetic laboratories known for products of the highest level of research and quality. We provide them with translations of labels and packaging but also brochures with specialized languages. The great restaurants of the Parisian capital prefer our translations for their most sought after and appetizing menus. The LVMH Group, a world leader in luxury with a portfolio of over 60 prestigious brands of wines and spirits, leather goods and clothing, perfumes and cosmetics, has been our customer for over 10 years. The largest traiteur of France constantly assigns us its translations on haute cuisine products.

Architecture and design translations

The masters of the 50s and 60s have made Italy the point of confluence of the new creative generations at an international level. From industrial design to furniture design, as well as car design, the refined and functional Made in Italy design has the right combination of strong imagination and design rigor. Many companies have asked us for design translations to implement their products abroad. But German and Dutch brands have also established themselves for years in this sector and we have been able to establish the same relationship with them based on the effectiveness of our translation services.

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Elisabetta Bertinotti

Head of Wellness Luxury Design Translations

Main types of wellness, luxury, fashion and design translations:

  • Brochures

  • Labels

  • Newsletters

  • Design product catalogs

  • Press kits

  • Case studies

  • Websites

  • Marketing documents

  • Menus

  • Gift box descriptions