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Translations of company balance sheets and financial statements

Translation services of financial statements and other accounting documents according to IASB IAS and IFRS international accounting standards

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Translations of consolidated balance sheets, financial statements, annual reports

Translation-IN provides its wealth of experience for financial and accounting translations. At the end of each administrative period, each company must draft its financial statements to ascertain its financial situation and its profit or loss; to meet this need, our translation agency has perfected a tailor-made translation proposal, which optimizes the process of processing and management of this type of document to allow a real comparability of the financial statements of all European companies. For each company, bank or applicant, all financial highlights are translated and filed by us in their previous versions, constituting an extensive and exhaustive work template, essential for the translation of subsequent financial statements.

Traduzione bilanci

Models and updates of balance sheet items in the translations of financial statements

In addition to maintaining a terminological grid corresponding to each item in the model documents, it is essential that the translation of financial statements for banks and companies conform to the original in all its parts; in the indications of any notes or headings the same documentary layout must be maintained, very often provided in a hard-copy format only (image in pdf format). At Translation-IN in these cases we apply reduced layout costs, meeting the budget needs of each client, without detracting from the quality of the final result. Drafted in abbreviated or extended formats, the translation of financial statements must also include the exact translation of the abbreviations (for example, those relating to taxes or national registers) which must be located and inserted in brackets or marked with an asterisk or a number at the bottom of the document.

Traduzione bilanci

Partners of important financial auditors in Milan

For the constant updating of the legal regulations in force and the current terminology in English, French and Italian, we collaborate in close contact with the Senior Partner of an eminent law and auditing firm in Milan - http://www.actaxlaw.com.

Traduzione bilanci

Sworn balance sheets

We assign the important task of certifying corporate financial statements and related documentation to our expert sworn legal documents translators, experts of the Milan Chamber of Commerce registered in the Register of Technical Consultants of the Court in the civil section.

Our specialized team carried out over 150 translations of financial statements in the first quarter of 2017.

Traduzione bilanci

Clients and types of services for translations of financial statements

  • Deutsche Post DHL Group - Translation of consolidated financial statements and sworn statements in Italian, German and English
  • Mazars S.p.A. - Translation of financial statements and sworn statements into English
  • Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino - Translation of documentation for payment institutions and IMEL and annual financial statements into English
  • Goglio Finance S.p.A - Translation of financial statements in Italian, German, English and French
  • Avanquest Software SA - Translation of financial statements and annual reports in French and English
  • Tesi S.p.A - Translation of financial statements into Italian, Spanish, English and French
  • Fenco S.p.A - Translation of communications to shareholders and translation of financial statements into Italian, Portuguese, English and French
  • Daina Finance ltd - Translation of the financial statements into Italian and English
  • Snam S.p.A. - Translation of financial press releases for consolidated financial statements and draft financial statements into English and Italian
  • FD Consultants SpA - Translation of selected financial information for Consob and Borsa Italiana (Italian stick exchange) into English
  • ATE INSURANCE S.A - Directors' report on the financial statements General indicators of financial performance in English and Italian