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Cultural translations for art, the environment and humanitarian organizations

Translation of documents and guides for culture and progress

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni documenti culturali, artistici, ambientali e umanitari
Traduzione-IN - Contatti

Elisabetta Bertinotti

Head of cultural, environmental and humanitarian translations

Translations of cultural documents

Culture and knowledge are the plot of progress, while economic, social, religious and environmental imbalances derive from a lack of culture and objective information and democratization of peoples. This is why we decided to bring together on this page all the cultural translation services that are part of this noble mission: to spread knowledge and democratic culture in the world through translation. The commitment and in-depth analysis that our translators have dedicated to these topics have intensified over the years, giving rise to numerous practical and parallel initiatives, such as, our partnership with Unicef for the construction of schools in Africa in 2009, or the discount campaign, starting from 2014, specially created to encourage the translation of cultural texts, directed at the sustainable development of the planet, human rights and the organization of world events, such as art and music competitions.

Traduzioni documenti culturali, artistici, ambientali e umanitari

Translations for cultural tourism

Translation services for plastic and figurative arts, museum institutions and musical events

Our translation company has a clientele made up of dozens of museums, monuments and musical events in Italy and France, the two countries that have the richest artistic heritage on the planet and where tourism related to art and culture is the strongest of all; Paris is the most visited city in the world, while Italy is considered "home of art", "world capital of culture" and a "widespread museum". For the dissemination and maintenance of their artistic and cultural heritage we have created various editorial services such as the translation of tourist guides for museums, monuments, exhibitions, biographies of artists, museum catalogs, publications signed by important art critics and popular brochures. We also remember our fruitful collaboration with the French National Institute of Art History (Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art - INHA) for whom we edited the translation of numerous documents concerning the partnership with the J. Paul Getty Trust, a cultural philanthropic institution and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, both initiatives of American origin.

Also in the field of art and culture we provide the translation of essays, publications and book series for numerous associations such as the International Association biennale young artists of Europe (Associazione Internazionale Biennale Giovani Artisti dell'Europa), the Fabrizio Paoletti Foundation - eminent protagonist of communication between cultures in Europe that promotes education, through the dissemination of ideas, research to develop a spirit of collaboration between all countries.

Translations for sustainable development

Environmental document translation services

Global and institutional awareness of the need for sustainable development to save the planet and safeguard the health of its inhabitants has meant that this sector has been constantly expanding for years also in terms of translation. More and more companies are commissioning technical translations that experiment with innovative ideas and technologies to make poisons harmful to ecosystems as harmless as possible or to recycle all kinds of products and substances to limit their environmental impact.

For years we have been collaborating with Lifegate - an Italian network advisor, a leader in sustainable development, that promotes a totally sustainable lifestyle and economic model. Appreciated for our punctual and quality translation services, we were mentioned in the introduction of one of their most important e-books, translated by our translation agency into four languages, a work of great value and distribution.

Traduzioni documenti culturali, artistici, ambientali e umanitari
Traduzioni documenti culturali, artistici, ambientali e umanitari

Translations of humanitarian organizations

Professional translations against all types of exploitation

In addition to the partnership established with UNICEF for the dissemination of education on the African continent, we have translated documents on ecology for the largest organization for the protection and conservation of nature, the WWF. Not to be forgotten, among others, our collaboration with the National Society of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement operating in Italy.

Our cultural translation services for the development of humanity

Traduzioni guide turistiche

Main types of cultural translations for art, the environment and humanitarian organizations

  • translation of essays
  • translations of cultural publications
  • translations of catalogs
  • translation of E-books and web content
  • translation of sociological and geo-political studies
  • translations of environmental policy documents