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Digital marketing translations: the true ally of Social Media Intelligence

Consumer-generated content is now a benchmark for Internet users and, above all, has become an essential source of consultation before purchasing. 65% of Italians on the Internet consult UGC (user-generated content) before each purchase on the Web. Internet conversations about brands have become common on Social Media and Digital Marketing translation services become more than just a necessity in this context.

In its linguistic activity, our company takes to heart this huge reservoir of trends, ideas and content. We provide digital marketing translation services for semantic audits (uses, expectations and insights in regard to services, products and places) based on the spontaneous conversations of Internet users, providing their real strategic value.

Traduzione-IN - Contatti

Elisabetta Bertinotti

Head of Digital Marketing translation

Traduzioni marketing digitale

Digital Marketing translations to boost contacts and sales

We carry out the translation of texts extracted from Social Networks for the creation of a corpus of conversations useful for targeting strategies, or for building predictive models. Such texts can be created by retrieving or translating the words of a category, which contain positive, negative, comparative opinions, scenarios in use and customer expectations.

We translate the direct opinions of the best brand ambassadors, those who use the products in their daily lives and who recommend them to others. With our Digital Marketing translation activity, we support experts in marketing decoding of spontaneous conversational content of consumers.

This expertise provides strategic value to advertisers, creates "intimacy" with customers, identifies consumer trends, and translates market insights into businesses, brands and products. In intelligent data, what matters is not the volume, but its representativeness and interpretation, a characteristic connected to their faithful translation. Social Media Intelligence projects itself beyond its own brand or service, analyzing data according to sectoral targets.

All-round Digital Marketing Translation Services

We also translate Hangout messages. But in addition to the pure "translation", we test our translated work on special databases, made available by the Social Media Intelligence leaders, to verify that it increases the volume of useful conversations, removing the parts that distort the results of semantic audits (the presence of false friends, brand names, etc.). For the management of the #, first of all we search for them on Instagram and Twitter, then we move on to their translation from a marketing perspective.

Traduzioni marketing digitale

Translations for corporate value communications

Once the corpus of conversations has been created, the translator has access to the interface and can start an analysis by reading the posts, using the tools at his/her disposal such as the list of the first #, the top words, etc. This allows the analyst to see the most important topics of the conversations and to understand the points of tension of consumers. During this work, an analyst is constantly monitoring to help effectively direct an analysis.

The results of the analysis are put on the ppt slides (copy paste of verbatim and title with key learnings). The analysis can take from 3 to 10 days depending on the subject, the analyst and the translator expert in digital marketing.

Consumers who have discovered new brands. Through which channels did they find them?

43% From the press

42% From recommendations of friends

37% From the Web/Social Media

How do consumers search for products?

51% Through search engines and social networks