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Translations for Social Networks

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Social Network Translations for Semantic Audits

We live in a global world and to reach as many audiences as possible you need to translate your content. This is why many bloggers and companies have decided to use Social Network translations to make themselves known and test the "temperature" of consumers. In fact, tools such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allow the popularity of products and services to be brought to the attention of thousands of people in a matter of seconds. In addition, to probe the market, consumer conversations are decoded and turned into pre-marketplace marketing projections. That's why the brands that aspire to expand their market beyond national borders turn to digital translation marketing. But be careful: if the message in the target language is of poor quality or unattractive, the communication will be practically useless.

Traduzioni Social Network

4 reasons to choose only professionals for Social Network translations

If you need translations for social networks, the only advice piece of advice is the following: contact professional translators. Why?

First of all, the style of Social Networks is different from any other type of writing. Those who use Twitter or Instagram, know very well that the language of social networks is full of neologisms, acronyms and abbreviations. Think, for example, of the newly coined word infotainment (born from the fusion of information and entertainment). Not to mention emoticons, which sometimes convey spontaneous reactions to a content with a simple symbol. Social media jargon is a language within a language. A translator specialized in Social Networks knows this jargon and knows how to convey it with dexterity from the source language to the target language.

Each Social Network has its own audience and style. Writing a post on Linkedin is not the same as writing it on Instagram or Pinterest. If all social networks are distinguished by a short, incisive and informal style, each social network has its own community of users and a specific jargon, which a good translator will have to know to convey the message effectively and convincingly.

Translating is not just about transporting a text from one language to another. Even when carrying out Social Network translations, you need to carry the message from one culture to another. The translator for Social Networks will need to know both cultures well.

A good translator for Social Networks also has very good marketing knowledge. He/she knows the strategies to capture the attention of the public, the SEO techniques to make the content highly performing.

Marketing decoding of conversational content deserves the best

The most common mistake of those who need translations for Social Networks is to rely on automatic translation services. Some social networks such as Facebook and Twitter provide them by default. Beware! These translations are often approximate and even misleading. There is no shortage of cases of translation that are so funny as to diminish in a single post the value of the message and the product.

Traduzioni Social Network
Traduzioni Social Network

Translators who are players of Social Media Strategies

Anyone who is involved in e-commerce or is about to approach this topic must keep in mind that they cannot do without a social media strategy. This means staying in constant contact with your community but also including an excellent Social Networks translation service in the editorial calendar. It is unthinkable to rework content in a foreign language without resorting to translators who are specialized in texts for Social Networks. With them it will be appropriate to discuss objectives and the audience to which the communication is intended, to stay in touch with your community in an effective manner. From texting to posting, the style of Social Networks has had a noticeable impact on all modern languages. Using a specialized translator of the language of a Social Network ensures successful communication.