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Legal and patents translations

Translation services for the legal and patent sector

Traduzione-IN - Legal and patents translations

Choose our legal translations for the internalization of all your activities

The increasingly intense relations and interrelationships between the different European and world legislative systems are determining, in recent years, a sharp surge in requests for legal translations. This marked trend is positively felt by all professionals linked to these branches of services, be they notaries, lawyers, legal translators or sworn translators. Currently, MSMEs are increasingly devoted to exports and companies of all sizes and sectors, to be innovative and internationalized, must make agreements abroad and consequently, request the support of providers specialized in legal translation services. In our professional practice, this sector of technical specialization is associated and completes the offer of each area of expertise.

Our legal translators must meet the following 3 criteria:

  • In-depth expertise in national and international law
  • Absolute knowledge (perfect bilingualism) of the languages of origin and target
  • Excellent editorial and writing skills to faithfully translate every nuance of the native text.
Network of translators

Network of translators experienced in legal translations

Our experts in legal translations do not limit themselves to translating faithfully, using the correct legal jargon; when they translate, they carry out comparative law research, so that the final text is congruent with the legislation to which it complies. Furthermore, for our forensic linguists, knowledge of the jargon of Law is combined with the specialization of each individual document: International Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Tax and Accounting Law, Insurance Law.

Our team dedicated to legal translation provides services modulated with respect to every type of need: sworn translations, apostilled translations, certified translations, legalized translations (documents for international tenders, notarial documents, judgments, personal documents and certificates in general).

Comparison and updating of contracts and regulations

We work in close contact with the lawyers of the chambers of commerce of different Italian regions for the comparison and consequent updating of legal documentation, such as, for example, the arbitration regulations and any annexes (tariffs, declarations of independence, etc.). For this type of project, with our customers we undertake, through the stipulation of an ad hoc contract of entrustment, to scrupulously comply with the following essential indications:

  • comparison of two texts in the same language (the one repealed and the one currently in force) and identification of the amended parts; translation of the amended parts;
  • maintaining consistency of the translations with respect to the official text of the Regulations (+ attachments) of the original translations;
  • use of a color code of the translations made on the changed parts for their rapid identification;
  • delivery of a complete translated text that corresponds to the original text currently in force.
Contratti e regolamenti
Circular translations

Circular translations for national regulations (Workers' Statute, Jobs Act, etc.)

Our agency specialized in legal translations follows the evolution of each regulatory system, updating and regulating its legal translators with respect to the new provisions of the Italian Decree Law (DL). For the amendments of important documents such as the Workers' Statute, respectively to the Reports on dismissals and to the New regulations of the Job Act, our legal team realizes the translation of a vast series of circulars that represent an exemplary memorandum of the renewed mandatory obligations of corporations in regard to the hiring of staff.

Our legal professional translation services comply with current national legislation on dismissals according to Legislative Decree no. 23 of 4 March 2015 laying down provisions on employment contracts of indefinite duration, in implementation of Law no. 183 of 10 December 2014 (the so-called Jobs Act).

Translations of notarial documents

Agenzia Traduzione-IN works with notary offices in the activities of public officials who require solid linguistic consultancy. We are able to distinguish the function of notaries in France and Italy and recognize the substantial differences present in British legislation (Common Law) and in Roman-Germanic law (Civil Law) also with respect to this legal figure. We know how to translate concepts that for Anglo-Saxon countries are non-existent, such as the function of adaptation (exercised by notaries) - between the parties and the law, and the task of notaries to modify the will of a third party in accordance with the law.

Translations of notarial documents
Translations of patents

Translations of patents, trademarks and inventions (patent translations)

Our qualified translators in the translation of patents (translations into Italian, English, French and German) are providers of technical and legal translation services also for firms of lawyers specialized in patent law and in direct relationship with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and for Intellectual Property Consultancy Firms.

Certified legal translations

These are legal translations marked by the names of the legal translators who translated them and by the stamp of our professional translation agency, which certify their quality and validity. Certified translations are required when the version in another language of a document must be made official by means of a declaration of conformity of the translated text and authentication stamp.

Certified legal translations

Non-disclosure in the processing of confidential data and information (NdA)

We ensure that any data or reference contained in the legal documents we receive during the listing or carrying out of the translations is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We enter into ad hoc Non-Disclosure Agreements if clients request it, when viewing a document during the budgeting phase or for its translation.

Responsiveness and compliance with delivery times in legal and sworn translations

Most legal documents must be transmitted and endorsed for a given application, respecting a clear and irrevocable deadline. The commitment to precise and punctual deliveries must be an essential feature of the services offered in this sector. We work with the most important firms and internal legal offices of large corporations and we are able to provide high quality legal translations even in urgent situations and during holidays.

Responsiveness and compliance
Sworn translations

Sworn translations - legalized in Court

Our legal team is composed of sworn translators - professional linguists ANITI members, experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, translators registered in the Register of Technical Consultants, registered role of experts in the Venice Chamber of Commerce, accredited by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), with TOLES certification (Test of Legal English Skills) recognized by the Law Society of England and Wales with regard to legal translations into English.

Our legal translation and patent services

Types of legal translations

Types of legal translations within our competence

  • translation of procedural documents
  • translation of control standards
  • translation of notarial deeds
  • translation of arbitrations
  • translation of documents for international tenders
  • translation of licenses and permits
  • translation of contracts e.g. OBL or OEM contracts - in the field of medical devices between manufacturer and supplier for outsourcing of production
  • translation of service level agreements (SLAs)
  • translation of patents
  • translation of intellectual property documents
  • translation of technical expert reports
  • translation of articles of association
  • translation of registration certificates
  • translation of criminal records
  • translation of operational security plans
  • translation of guides for compliance with health regulations
  • translation of information on the right to confidentiality of personal data (including pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biomedical data can easily regard the processing of sensitive data such as the state of health of patients and customers)
  • translations on labor rights
  • translations of documents for due diligence
  • translation of Court judgments
  • translation of personal documents and certificates in general
  • translation of passports and personal identification documents
  • translation of company documents (translation of articles of association and chamber of commerce - registrations to the chambers of commerce - DURC)