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Translation of medical and sanitary equipment

Translation services for diagnostic and curative medical devices

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni apparecchiature mediche

Translations of medical equipment and medical articles for health centers

In this specific medical and scientific translation sector, our technical translators, in addition to being equipped with methodical and adequate tools for the document management of medical vocabulary, are able to complete translations for medical equipment with complex technical terminology.

Traduzioni apparecchiature mediche

Translations for medical equipment and orthopedic products

For important orthopedic laboratories we provide translation services of medical texts such as manuals, instruction booklets, catalogs, certificates, leaflets and patents of orthopedic articles and electromedical equipment.

Experts in translation equipment for alternative medicine

We translate all technical documentation for companies that manufacture and market non-invasive clinical diagnosis equipment sceientifically based on quantum physics. It is the new alternative medicine that currently needs a considerable amount of technical medical translations including abstracts and scientific articles, to make itself known and become a valid ally of traditional medicine.

Traduzioni apparecchiature mediche

Medical Equipment Translation Services

Traduzioni apparecchiature mediche

Medical Equipment Translations

  • Devices and equipment for the evaluation of new drugs and biopharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostic and functional imaging equipment (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, digital radiology, PET)
  • Orthopedic products and appliances as manuals of devices to enhance mobility
  • Equipment for quantum medicine
  • Body care machinery and equipment
  • Dental instruments and equipment such as 3D scanners for the dental industry
Traduzioni apparecchiature mediche

Clients and types of translation services dedicated to medical equipment

  • GE Healthcare - Manual translations for diagnostic and biomedical imaging equipment
  • MedCam 2015 - Translation of presentations of devices for non-conventional medicine
  • BIO-T SRL - Manual translation of devices for computed thermography
  • Pride Mobility Products - Manual translation and product sheets for wheelchairs for the disabled, orthopedics and physical re-education devices
  • Diemme Dispositivi Medici s.r.l. - Translation of biomedical device catalogs
  • Whitec - Manual translation of dental equipment