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Screenplay and script translations for Cinema, Television and Theater

Professionals in the translation and adaptation of works, television and film events together with translations of scripts, TV Scripts and story boards

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Screenplay translations for the film and television industry

For script translation, direct dubbing translations, subtitling, director's notes and scripts, our translators who are experts in cinematography consider it appropriate to start each work by understanding the profile of the director. Then they move on to the careful study of the original script, identifying every slang nuance and every cultural reference; the utmost attention is paid to the text in all its sociolinguistic aspects.

But at our studios we do not stop at the screenplays. The activity provided in this creative sector also involves the subjects and processing, composed of prose without dialogues that correspond to the intermediate stage between the subject and the script. For tutorials we prefer the use of applications such as CeltX and Final Draft, since they represent the ideal pre-production assistant for the drafting and translation of a script.

Traduzione cinema

Translating while maintaining synchronization and rhythm during editing

The activity of translating screenplays, synopsis and subtitling is to be considered simpler than the translation connected to lip dubbing in which the translator experiences the implementation of his/her work in real time, accompanying, as a production assistant, the actors and the audio technician in the editing room, both for the audio realizations in sync and for the synchronized lip dubbing.

Translation of TV scripts, Scripts and director's notes

The translation of a screenplay is considered in the first instance as a literary work independent of the adaptation of the dubbing of the film to which it refers. It starts with the drafting of an initial version, in which the difficulties that can be encountered in its translation are highlighted. Subsequently, the translator carries out an analysis of the new version of the film, as it was released in cinemas, to verify to what extent, in the adaptation of the dialogues in the home language, justice has been done to the original version of the work.

Traduzione cinema
Traduzione cinema

Screenplay translations and workshops

We organize workshops with the participation of audiovisual translators, directors, documentary filmmakers and filmmakers who together preside over the recording shifts in the room, to improve the synergy of the work of each professional involved. Our translators who are experts in the film industry work alongside directors, documentary filmmakers and filmmakers for the translation of screenplays, articles, interviews and research material that anticipate cinematographic implementation. They also deal with translation services aimed at the organization, promotion of events, to facilitate contacts between artists, but also for the search for patronages, sponsors of cultural institutions, festivals and foreign protagonists.

Film translation also extends into the localization of brochures, flyers and posters to accompany important events such as the international festivals of Cannes, Venice and Berlin.

Screenplay translations with the American layout model

Our approach to script translation also considers the differences between American and Italian layout formats. Even the graphic setting can make the difference. Currently the most widespread script layout is the American one to the detriment of the Italian approach that provides for the division of the page into two columns.

Traduzione cinema
Traduzione cinema

Translation of storyboards

We are experts in translating scripts designed for animated series with a worldwide audience (Winx Club, Royal Academy, Digimon, Gormiti and Totally Spies), or as a "visualization of an idea of the director".