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Translation of Video Subtitles

Subtitle translation services for Youtube channels

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni video sottotitoli

Translation of videos with subtitles for Youtube: VSEO service

The cultural editorial translation for recreational and educational purposes is a faithful and brilliant ally of the pedagogical art of images that visually represents what is transmitted by the text in the form of writing, giving the reader the opportunity to draw on the original message in its maximum entirety.

Enhancing your corporate videos with subtitle translations helps you to significantly improve your visibility on the Web and credibility with your customers and admirers. VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization), a thriving branch of audiovisual translations, is a practical means of promoting the natural indexing of videos on search engines. Translation-IN provides a serious and complete VSEO service: it provides subtitle translations, transcriptions, video adaptations, indexing and technical implementation of videos on Youtube. The Translation-IN agency embodies a highly competitive alternative to the subtitling proposals of the giant Google/Youtube.

Traduzioni video sottotitoli

Translation of subtitling and timing of videos on Youtube

In just ten years, a leading Californian company has transformed the most famous video sharing site into a key tool for doing research online. Youtube is thus currently considered the second search engine in the world. Our team (computer scientists and subtitler translators) has decided to challenge to the services (in terms of rates - quality - speed) of the official Youtube providers, offering translations and subtitles of a high-quality level where the subtitling activity takes place while maintaining a high linguistic level and timing of the sentence segments.

Over 75% of entrepreneurs say that the production and publication of videos is a fundamental tool to promote their business; this investment is widely preferred over those made on other well-known social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. By 2019, more than 60% of web traffic is expected to be generated by video messages. We at Translation-IN intend to seize all of the opportunities.

Traduzioni video sottotitoli

Translation of videos and subtitles

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The good positioning of a product through a video, assisted by the translation of relevant categories of cleverly selected keywords, can mean an effective promotional opportunity, even at international level. All this is done through the precious help of images, graphic effects, soundtracks and subtitles, to communicate a potentially less attractive message if you opt for more widespread textual media.

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