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Software localization

The heart of IT translation: translation of software solutions

Traduction-IN - Localisation logiciel

Software localization and record localization

Always rightly considered our core business, computer translation and especially software localization are carried out by professionals with clear and essential skills:

  1. Competent in computer science. The computer translator must be able to manage the length of the fields, the consistency of abbreviations and acronyms, the recall of system data and the consistency of error messages that occur within the texts, avoiding any kind of error or hesitation
  2. Professionals informed on the target markets of the software. For example, for ERP software localization, the translator in charge has the obligation to master the notions of business management, production management, logistics and purchasing, commercial and financial management, e-procurement, CRM and even Business Intelligence
  3. Experts in the use of different file formats and/or in-house platforms, developed by the software publisher or by the direct customer.

In addition, the IT translators interface with our ICT project manager with over ten years of experience in consultancy for the implementation of international ERP systems (core solutions + roll outs + 15 years of experience in the management of software localization projects and their implementation for our numerous customers).

Traduzione-IN - Contatto

Charles Chaouat

Head of Software Localization

Each software localization project can be composed of the following phases:

  • Software Strings Localization

  • Translation of Application Messages

  • Help on line localization

  • Translation of user manuals

  • Translation of interfaces/platforms

  • Translation of user training manuals

  • Functional Changes localization

  • Translation of technical changes

Traduzione-IN - Localizzazione Software

Terminology consistency and optimization of time and cost of software localization projects

Our IT translation agency correctly manages terminological consistency through the use of CAT tools, with the integration of glossaries provided by customers. In fact, we are able to create lexical databases starting from the extraction of menus and fields related to the translated software. We provide budget and lead time optimization through the use of market-leading CAT tools, such as SDL Trados Studio, which allows you to create and/or augment TMs in all required language combinations. We provide effective versioning management of translated content based on the hoarded translation memories (TMs).

Our Software Localization Services

Localizzazione Software

Main areas of software strings localization

  • Business Management Software (ERP)
  • Technical Specific Software - Software for Industrial Equipment/Plants
  • Human Resources (HR) Software
  • Tourism /hotel software
  • CAD Software
  • Software for the Fashion market
  • Software for the Food and Beverage market
  • Business Intelligence Software
  • CRM Software
  • E-procurement Software
  • Warehouse/Stock Management Software
  • Business Document Management Software
  • Safety Data Sheet Management Software
  • ... and several other categories of gaming software such as those for video games, video editing, desk top publishing, etc.
Localizzazione Software

Clients and types of software localization services

  • Mapei S.p.A. (Translation of software strings into French)
  • Danone SA (Localization of fields after functional changes on SAP software)
  • Fedex SA (Translation of software user manuals specific to the finance and management control areas of the Oracle publisher)
  • GFI Informatique (Translation of training media in the logistics and purchasing areas of SAP software for PEUGEOT)
  • Infor (Localization of the software with the Italian specifications, user manuals of the publisher)
  • GREIF (Localization of SAP software fields and screens)
  • Axioma (Localization of the software of the publisher ERP Axioma)
  • Amada Engineering Europe Spa (Localization of a technical software in Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian and Swedish)
  • SoftHrod (Tourist Software Localization)
  • I.C.iT GmbH/ Srl (Translation of a rental software system)