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Translation of websites and Home Pages

Website and homepage translation services with relevance and common sense, to make your content increasingly popular on the web

Translation-IN - Website translations

Why commission the translation of sites and homepages only to real professionals

The Internet is currently the ideal environment to offer products and services to potential customers of all nationalities. There is always a difference between e-commerce sites (the best known in the retailer segment is Amazon) and corporate sites or linked to professional activities that use the Web showcase as a marketing tool and do not directly entrust their sales to online channels. To both owners of Internet sites we provide translation services of their homepages and internal content from a strategic perspective and with great added value.

Traduzione-IN - Contatti

Elisabetta Bertinotti

Head of Digital Marketing translations

Website translations

Localize your website in accordance with SEO language

The first strategic move to interact fruitfully with foreign customers involves the professional translation of your Internet site into the languages of the markets you wish to penetrate. Over 65% of searches for commercial purposes on the Web are carried out thanks to search engines, while 25% are through Social Networks, excellent allies in the climb to the Google SERP; to reach winning positions it is necessary to translate the meta-tags in a relevant way as well, in other words the texts not displayed directly on the pages, translations of absolute value to determine the popularity of sites on the web. The website can thus become an essential marketing support, as well as a supreme means to make your company known, present your catalog, receive orders and retain customers.

Backoffice formats and platforms for website translations

For the translation of Websites we take the following approaches:

  • We process translations of Web content into files in standard editable formats (.txt, .doc, .rtf, .xls, etc.)

  • We translate thousands of web pages into e-commerce platforms in 40 languages: Prestashop, Woocommerce, Drupal Commerce, etc.

  • We insert our translations in source files in formats such as: .asp, .htm(l), .php, .xml, java and others

  • We provide translation services with language suitable for SEO strategies

  • We translate evergreen contents, in other words texts that remain relevant regardless of the passage of time.

Website translations

Webmarketing + SEO translations

Our team of translators and Webmarketing experts provides the translation and localization of keywords (primary and secondary), titles and meta descriptions to be included in the codes of Web pages. Thanks to adequate statistical tools and common sense, we process from a series of generic words in the initial language of the site, developing new and effective expressions directly in the target languages, which correspond to those most commonly used to carry out research in the target market and by competing sites.