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Mobile Apps Translation Service

Translation of Apps for Android iOS Windows: looking for perfection we have achieved excellence

Experts in translating mobile applications

Our translation agency is specialized in the translation of mobile applications aimed at companies that create mobile applications for iPad, iPhone, tablets, Android Smartphones and Windows tablets.

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Charles Chaouat

Head of localization and mobile software

  • Desdoo | Joy Tales – translation of Apps to learn and have fun
  • Exanov | Gossy - translation of social networking applications for web dating
  • Viralgames | - translations of contest games
  • Gutenberg Technology | translations of digital manuals for school education and training
  • Acoustiguide Apps | translation of audio guides and multimedia guides
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Budget and lead time for App translations

Assuming that, on average, an app consists of 1,800 words, its translation can take a maximum of 48 hours from the order - the relative budget is about 150 Euros + VAT for each language combination (for example, from Italian to English - German - French - Spanish - Russian).

Translation of software and Apps for Social Network

The localization of an App requires full knowledge of the dual cultural context called into question by this type of translation. Often perfectly bilingual, the translator of Social Network Apps, in addition to possessing an excellent knowledge of the language and the sociolinguistic nuances connected to the original texts, must be able to transfer and exactly adapt this whole world in his/her mother tongue and in the social context associated with it.

The process of translating software or apps for social networks has different phases of "realignment" according to the relevant socio-cultural context to arrive at an impeccable translated content. There are translations that correspond to "key" expressions to be inserted, for example, on the communication keys – such as "Like" or "Poke" on FaceBook – which generate, and are capable of generating over time, real neologisms, which if well translated, will be adopted as such by speakers of every single language and country.

Traduzione app
Traduzione app

Translations of games/contests and advergames on the Web, Facebook, Twitter for mobile phones and tablets

We translate applications that exploit the predisposition for innate playful activities in human beings to solicit action towards the creation of branding strategies, viral and original extreme social media. We know how to translate applications based on playful concepts adapted to the specificities of each profession and sector, multimedia products that solicit and accompany every communication that is in support of every professional action/activity:

  • Translation of Facebook Ads
  • Emailing and Affiliations Translation
  • Translation of Co-recordings
  • Translation of On and Off-Line Campaigns
  • E-commerce application translation

Translation of digital manuals - how to revolutionize the pedagogical experience

We provide translation services for technological solutions that make it possible to make hard-copy books digital and make them suitable for any type of mobile terminal. This translation service facilitates the transition of hard-copy school texts to digital manuals, which can be used on iPads, iPhones, tablets, Android Smartphones and Windows 8 tablets. Our customers in this sector are modern companies aimed massively involved in export towards European or US customers (digital publishing houses).

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Traduzione app

Translation of interactive and educational apps for children

We translate applications based on creative communication for an interactive use of projects in the mobile sector whose vocation is entertaining and teaching children.

Audio guide translations and multimedia guides

We provide translations for downloadable routes on the Internet or on Smartphones and translations of traditional audio guides. Creative content has evolved at the same pace as technology - our translations have been part of this revolution For the Louvre Museum in Paris. We participated in reinventing the audio guide concept. In fact, for the first time visitors could freely follow their desired itinerary, moving at will, at their own pace, selecting the works of their choice. The guided and binding tours of the past have given way to more accessible programs, enhanced by interviews with restorers, artists, experts and art critics, all translated and made accessible to the public in an interactive way.

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