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Italian Fashion and Ready-to-Wear Translations

Fashion translation service for among the most prestigious Italian and French brands

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni moda

Fashion translations for Italian and French brands of haute couture, accessories and ready-to-wear

To provide fashion translation services really up to a demanding and high-profile clientele, in addition to having numerous lexicons specialized in sartorial details, our translators are systematically informed about the products of the fashion system so that they can express in a fitting way the spirit and uniqueness of each national and international brand.

Traduzioni moda

We provide fashion translations in Milan and Paris: the two capitals of Fashion

Our translation agency has its operational headquarters in the two undisputed capitals of European fashion: in Milan and Paris, right in the so-called golden triangle of the VIIIème arrondissment, where almost all the historic couture maisons of elegance beyond the Alps are based. Geographically located at the center of the universe of Italian Products in and French Haute Couture, our team that is expert in fashion translations drafts, with extreme care, the Fashion documents for public relations and for the press offices of numerous maisons in the luxury segment, punctually following the very tight deadlines dictated by press releases, collections and fashion shows.

Translations of press releases for communication agencies in fashion, design and luxury goods

We are the reference point for the translation of urgent press releases of renowned international agencies expert in public relations and event organizers in the fashion and luxury products sectors. Corporations that require daily fashion translation services for relationships, strategies, consultncy in image and advertising, planning in the production of events related to the VIP world of Fashion, Luxury and Design.

Traduzioni moda
Traduzioni moda

Fashion Translations for Istituto Marangoni

Our mastery in translating texts and communications related to fashion and luxury manufacturing brands is sublimated by the collaboration provided to one of the fashion schools par excellence, Istituto Marangoni, where fashion is the common denominator, in all its most cosmopolitan aspects.

Fashion translations for press releases during fashion shows 24 hours a day

In the convulsive weeks of Haute Couture, our expert Fashion translators are always up to the quality and punctuality of the prestigious requests. As soon as the designers finish the collections, the texts of their press releases are transmitted to our offices, which is always ready to provide Haute Couture translation services within a maximum of 3 hours, working in a team even during the night. The next morning, in addition to the welcome thanks for the valuable translation service provided, we receive the look books related to each brand. Looking at the beautiful images of the models with the clothes, we find the allure and details of the luxurious creations that we translated the previous night.

Traduzioni moda
Traduzioni moda

Fashion translations for every target market and business model for clothing and textiles

Our translation clients are leading brands of Italian and international haute couture (Gucci, Bulgari, Fendi, Prada and so on), brands that are located on a medium-high level (Harmont & Blaine, Gerad Darel and Silvian Heach) and chains of so-called accessible fashion stores, fast fashion, which offers an outfit with an innovative and "cool" design aimed at a wide range of consumers (Zara, Mango, H&M etc.). For each of them we respond with a personalized fashion translation service that identifies them and enhances each of their collections or garments in detail, in the name of a correct strategy of segmentation and positioning on the market.

Fashion translation services

Traduzioni moda

Main fashion and clothing sectors in which we translate

  • Italian and French Haute Couture
  • Sportswear (casual leisure wear - swimwear)
  • Luxury accessories and leather goods
  • Ready-to-wear for teenagers
  • Children's fashion
  • Footwear for men, women and children
  • Women's Intimate Fashion - Luxury Lingerie
Traduzioni moda

Clients and types of fashion and textile translation services

  • Prada S.p.A. - Translation of marketing documents, advertising campaigns into Spanish, English, Russian and German
  • Frau S.p.A. - Translations of online catalog interviews in English
  • Gérard Darel - Translation of the window display project, e-commerce sites, into English, French, Chinese and Portuguese
  • Harmont & Blaine S.p.A. - Translation of e-commerce sites, press releases, folders and catalogs into English, Russian, French, Chinese, German and Spanish
  • Silvian Heach - Arav Fashion S.p.A. - Translation of multi-brand folders, sales manuals, fidelity Program texts in English, French and Spanish
  • 7 Shirts - Translation of commercial and contractual documents into Spanish and English
  • PGH S.p.A. - Website translation into English, press kits and business letters into Spanish, Chinese, English and French
  • Speedo - Translation of the site into Italian
  • Bikiniworld s.r.l. - Translation of the online store site into English
  • Tucano srl - Web content translation, product descriptions, in German, Russian and English
  • Charlott' Lingerie - Website translation, brochures, catalogs, sales training kits, subtitling and dubbing for advertising videos in Russian, Dutch, Spanish and German
  • Valextra - Marketing translations and specific documents on the philosophy of the brand in English, French and Chinese
  • Ermenegildo Zegna S.p.A.- Translation of press releases, catalogs and brand books in French and English
  • Istituto Marangoni - Translation of texts for fashion training, prospectus courses in English and German