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Translation of technical manuals

Technical manual translation services for the software, electronics and mechanical industries

Translation-IN - Translation of technical manuals

Experts in the translation of technical manuals with localization of the reference standards

The instruction manual is a technical document of fundamental importance in the safe use of products and services because it aims to illustrate with maximum clarity a device, a production cycle, an assembly sequence, without omitting any technical aspect and in accordance with current EU regulations. Translation-IN deals with technical translations related to manuals mainly for the IT, electronic and mechanical sectors, effectively contributing to the promotion of the products and services of our international customers.

Traduzione manuali tecnici

Reduction of costs and time of realization of technical manual translations

In providing this complete and optimized service, we follow a linear process that goes from translation, to layout and versioning management for each type of technical document. The manuals translated at our offices remain compliant with international standards, in accordance with the Machinery Directive, CE Marking, ISO-UNI and IEC-CEI standards. We provide translations of technical manuals in different formats, offering a file management and layout service with the use of the following IT tools: Autocad, CMS, FrameMaker, InDesign, online PDF with 3D animations, models and CAT tools for the optimization of costs and time of realization of texts. Through CAT, technical manual translations are performed directly in the original format of the manual. Once the translation is completed, the CAT produces a translated document that reflects the original in all respects (layout, font, etc.), also making it very easy for the reader to identify the corresponding parts in all documents/languages.

Technical manual translations in compliance with standards

As is the case with certified competitors, at Translation-IN the translation of technical manuals is also assigned to suitably trained and selected translators. However, we are not content to provide this quality guarantee to our customers: since January 2015 we have set up teams of terminologists who carry out the task of informing our technical translators about changes in current regulations, simultaneously updating our terminology, in accordance with the following current directives:

  • Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery which replaced Directive 95/16/EC
  • EN 62079 standard providing general principles and detailed requirements in the creation of all types of instructions for each product
  • UNI 10653 standard that defines the quality criteria of information that manufacturers are obliged to provide to users of a product
  • UNI 10893 standard that applies to the technical information that accompanies the product in the phases of installation, use, operation and maintenance.

Our technical translation agency therefore provides periodic reviews of these standards, and on the occasion of changes in each process and type of activity, risk analysis, critical points and control and surveillance procedures.

Our technical manual translation services

Traduzione manuali tecnici

Experts in technical manual translations and operational guides

  • Operating, installation and maintenance manuals (IOM manuals)
  • Hygiene self-control manual
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Assembly manuals
  • Manuals with 3D animations
  • Software programming manuals
  • User Manuals - Workshop Manuals
  • Spare parts manuals
  • Sales Manuals
  • Guides with exploded drawings
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Component Lists
Traduzione manuali tecnici

Main areas of translation of technical manuals

  • Automotive
  • Clothing
  • Banking
  • Electronic
  • Plant engineering (mechanical, electrical, software)
  • Medical
  • Nautical (software and devices for navigation)
  • ICT
  • Design and devices
  • Security and surveillance
  • Mobile phones
Traduzione manuali tecnici

Customers and types of technical manual translation services

  • DHL Global Business Services - Translation of Cargo Securing Procedure manuals into English
  • JMC Recycling Systems Ltd - Translation of recycling plant manual into Spanish and German
  • LineMed Medical Instrument - Translation of medical equipment into English and Portuguese
  • Fluitek Orsenigo Valves S.p.A. - Translation of technical documentation and manuals for phonometric instruments into English and French
  • GE Digital Energy – Translation of System Application Engineering manuals in Spanish
  • GRUPPO SIPRO Professional Security - Translation of an operating plan manual into Spanish, English and French
  • Novartis Vaccines France - Translation of medical guides into Portuguese English and French
  • MG Garantie GmbH - Translation of quality manuals into Italian and English
  • iVision Srl. - User manual maintenance translation into Spanish, Russian, German and Chinese
  • Awelco Inc. S.p.A. - Translation of technical data sheets into French and English
  • Dimtech S.r.l. - Translation of electronic and automotive manuals into English and German