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Translations for marketing, advertising and human resources services

Leader in digital marketing, advertising and Human Resources consultancy translations for companies aiming to achieve internationalization thanks to tools such as websites, advertising texts, marketing content, press releases and dossiers, questionnaires, surveys, market studies, enhanced and decoded in valuable sematic audits

Traduzione-IN - Traduzioni marketing e commerciali

Translations of consultancy services for marketing, human resources and communication of companies

In this area we deal with the services of translations of marketing and communication texts, as well as human resources (HR). They are translation services for agencies experienced in interactive multimedia communication, Web marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, web Concept and mobile, companies operating in public relations, surveys and market studies.

Our linguistic consultancy concerns the provision of translation services for corporate management and training, the organization of information systems, management control and marketing surveys. Managers in these business sectors must rely on a marketing and communication translation service vendor that can always meet their global business needs.

Traduzioni marketing e commerciali

Translations for Digital Marketing

For over a decade, through Social Networks, companies have been able to dialogue with the public, inform their end users, collect sensitive information, externalize qualities and values, creating solid and prolonged relationships with users. This reservoir of valuable data has not escaped our interest. Currently many companies require us to provide translation services for digital marketing.

Traduzioni marketing e commerciali

Translations for the Human Resources Department

Companies that provide comparative analysis and effective tools for optimal management of HR policies are widely represented in the area of translations for business consultancy; expressly for them our agency translates questionnaires, market studies, training manuals, specific documents for a better reorganization of the RH.

Traduzioni marketing e commerciali

Marketing and advertising translations

We are also White-Label linguistic partners for companies specialized in marketing services and strategic planning and, also for small and medium-sized enterprises active both in the national and international market. For these companies, our agency provides marketing and advertising translations on tight schedules. These companies that are involved in digital marketing and advertising strategies are based in large cities such as Milan, Paris and Rome.

Our marketing and advertising translation agency handles most of the documents related to business services and consultancy activities. Below is an exhaustive list of the types of projects we have carried out. Translations of:

  • Press releases and folders
  • Marketing brochures
  • White Papers
  • Website content
  • Marketing presentations
  • Marketing studies
  • Market studies
  • Advertising texts
Traduzioni marketing e commerciali
Traduzione-IN - Contatti

Charles Chaouat

Head of Marketing Services and Business Translations

Terminology and consultancy for marketing, human resources and corporate advertising translations

We have direct knowledge in the various technical sectors affected by this important translation area, multilingual glossaries and extensive terminological bases managed by a dedicated professional: the terminologist who creates and defines exclusively ad hoc terminology - this activity involves different aspects including the review, integration and processing of new terms that appear in their professional areas of expertise and in the business sectors of each client.