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Scope of your translation project

Assignment of qualified translators

Translations planning

Budget assessment


Quick translation times

Style guides - terminology databases

Validation of translation samples

Terminology, translation and proofreading

Correction of draft texts


Ability to provide an adequate response

Compliance with planned deadlines

Compliance with the required lay-outs

Correct management of formats

Compliance of translations delivered


Plan for listening to customers and markets

Perception of needs

Internationalisation of businesses

Mutual competitive advantage

Empathy and customer satisfaction


A leader in global communication: from translation to graphic and multimedia publishing


Our offices in Milan, Paris, Nice and Lausanne are at your disposal for fast quotes, coordinated translation services and personalised consulting

Translation-IN takes the utmost care in selecting its team of professional translators and rewriters, using targeted testing and strategic criteria so that we can always guarantee our clients the quality and professionalism that are characteristic of top-of-the-line translation and editing services. All Translation-IN staff translators have been tried and tested in the field in hundreds of successfully completed projects. For each assignment, the work is optimised through the involvement of a reviewer who critically reviews the translated texts, highlighting and correcting any linguistic and terminological inaccuracies found in the first drafts. Over time, Translation-IN has established a serious, dynamic collective of professionals with enormous potential, where talented individuals can fully express themselves because they are supported by a solid, collaborative spirit and a methodological approach that leaves nothing to chance.


Now a leader in translation and transcreation in Italy, for more than a decade Translation-IN has been expanding and enhancing its staff with translation agencies in Milan, Paris, Lausanne and Nice, collaborating in perfect synergy with technical experts in layout, web design and audio and video post-production, to provide a range of complete and coordinated translation services. Translation-IN analyses your globalisation needs, identifying the unique aspects of your specific market segment, the number of words or cartelle most favourable to you, and the exact target of your communication, fully understanding and supporting all your objectives.

Quality translation procedure

Experience in Professional Translation

Our professional translation agency has a decade of experience in this type of service. This continuity derives first and foremost from the quality and reliability that we have always provided to our clients; this is borne out by the constantly growing number of companies and professionals who put their trust in our translation services.

We offer


  • High Standard of Quality
  • Reactiveness & Attractive Prices
  • Translation Services for Over 50 languages
  • Over 150 Certified Translators
  • Expertise: Technical, Legal, Finance, etc.
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Targeted Translation Services

The work done by our team of translators is effectively supported by a team of expert professionals in various fields of specialization: technical, IT, telecommunications, legal, financial, audiovisual, editorial, marketing and communications. These outside collaborators are available to the translators whenever necessary to clarify terms and concepts during translation.

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Our services

Each year, more than 100 new companies put their trust in us, with a very high client retention rate. We strive for 100% client satisfaction by being responsive, competent and rigorous. At Translation-IN we are proud of the clients we serve. Our client roster represents many of the best and brightest throughout the technology, healthcare, public-sector, communications and financial industries - and the world.



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