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Professional translation services giving added value to your content
Translation-IN collaborates with 2,000 multinational companies, 25% of which are quoted on the stock market, 500 SMBs, and start-ups.
We’re an experienced staff of 150 professional translators, led by 4 project managers who all have experience in the business world.
United in this journey for over 15 years, we work on strategic translation projects for every single one of our clients.
We translate in 50 languages, including all of the world’s most influential tongues.



At Translation-IN we carefully select our team of translators and dialogue adapters through targeted tests and with an eye for the necessary skills. Our strength lies precisely in the stability and effectiveness of the entire group, in which individual talent can express itself to the fullest because it’s supported by a collaborative spirit and a methodology in which nothing is left to chance.

Our translation agency expands and enhances its staff at its offices in Milan, Paris, Lyon and Nice. It collaborates in perfect synergy with experts in layout, illustration, web design, web marketing, dubbing, and video, film and television post-production. With them, it can offer a range of complete and coordinated professional translation services.

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SEO and E-Commerce Translations



Industrial and Technical Translations



Software and Mobile App Localization



Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations



Publishing and Cultural Translations



Legal and Financial Translations



Video and Screenplay Translations


In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal data (GDPR), we guarantee that the information gathered during the completion of this quote request form or through e-mail correspondence will be used solely by our company and will not in any case be transmitted to third parties. It’s possible to contact us at any time via e-mail or phone to access, correct, or erase the data that have been communicated to us in the aforementioned operations.


How much does the fact that we know each of our collaborators personally impact the quality of our translation services?


At our translation agency, the choice of a translator for a project is no coincidence. We don’t mechanically process suitability or availability criteria to produce one name among thousands of unknown candidates.

For us, choosing the translator always occurs with utter confidence because our project managers have a long-standing familiarity with every member of our team (150 professional translators). Each of them is a serious linguist whose skills, availability and individual characteristics are well known to us.

An understanding of the markets, a constant receptiveness to client needs, and diligence in selecting the best translators and bloggers are the 3 principal virtues behind our competitive advantage.

At Translation-IN we systematically use the best technologies and procedures to satisfy the demands of translation, blogging, and web writing.



We apply the H2T® Method

Guarantees of the H2T® trademark

The H2T (Human Translation Technology) trademark, registered by Lipsie SA at the INPI (National Intellectual Property Institute) in France, is a guarantee of translation services of the highest quality, completely human, and issued with a certificate of accuracy from authenticating authority ChamberSign (the electronic certification authority of the French Chamber of Commerce).


H2T® Method – Pragmatism and Adaptability


professional translation quality

By demanding H2T® services , you’ll receive the benefits of professional translations enhanced by a double comparative re-reading, performed by a second professional translator. H2T® prohibits the use of automatic translation software, in favor of complete human control. Translators in the H2T® network are selected for each linguistic combination and subject matter.

All H2T® translators commit to applying rigorous deontological principles and the best practices of the translating profession. This international trademark guarantees the best value for services offered by certified translation agencies.

Why choose our translation agency?


Translations with after-sales service

• The “Satisfaction or Your Money Back” formula has become obsolete. Conscious of providing precise and scrupulous translation services , we believe that the most useful corrective action in case of problems is the immediate availability to review the text according to the issues brought up by the client.


• Prompt after-sales assistance goes beyond any policies based on discount or reimbursement formulas. Offering the guarantee of free and instantaneous post-sales linguistic support, we create a true competitive advantage both for us and our clients. This approach fuels a healthy and long-lasting collaborative relationship, based on reciprocal trust and transparency. Our translation agency establishes durable ties with our clients through these principles.


Critical reading before the translation

• Whatever the content to be translated, our attention level remains elevated, our approach constructively critical. Should the source texts contains errors, we note them in the report that accompanies the final delivery.


• Our linguistic consultants distinguish between sector-specific languages (LST) connected to moderately specialized professional areas and directed at a heterogeneous audience (the lexica of journalism, film, politics, law, bureaucracy, fashion, advertising, and art criticism), and languages (LSP) of highly-specialized disciplines (human and social sciences, medicine, sociology, philosophy) used by a minority of experts.


Translations for products Made in Italy

• The outsourcing of translation services consists in delegating the linguistic management of products to be sold abroad to a specialized structure. Translation-IN is the right partner for any localization project that’s truly important to you.


• Since 2002 Translation-IN has supported numerous brands of undisputed Italian creativity in their global rise. It collaborates with current leaders and rising stars in fashion and design, helping them establish themselves outside of Italy and implement their strategies for international growth.

We firmly share the goals of over 2,500 clients in 27 countries

Translation-IN grows each year, capitalizing on its quality and experience, to supply integrated linguistic services that create significant added value. This success derives from the attention we dedicate to every request. In January 2018, our portfolio surpassed 2,500 clients in 27 countries. Its scrupulous management is our most precious asset. That’s why we guarantee the same high quality for every translation request. Whether it comes from companies on the stock market, SMBs, free-lance professionals or private individuals, our response is always of the same high caliber. Our translations need to transmit the meaning and style of a text, while respecting the differences between the languages and cultures that interpret it.

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