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Web marketing translations services: quality translations to best serve your strategies.

Web Marketing Translations


Translation-IN has grabbed the digital challenge with both hands, recruiting and training a team of linguists specialized in web marketing translations. Through the study of consumer needs and trends, we help our clients develop more conscious and effective marketing strategies in over 50 languages. What can we offer you?

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Whether it’s a company website, e-commerce site, blog, or the website of an independent professional, we always offer a targeted and strategic web translation. Beginning with the translation of the homepage, a website’s true calling card, we tease out the right balance between brevity and clarity. The content of all web pages are translated with a SEO focus, to make the site highly competitive and more visible to search engines. Our translators unite clarity and creativity with an in-depth knowledge of programming languages (scripting languages) and CMS platforms.


Social Media Translations

By sharing opinions about products and brands, users of social media represent an endless source of information in the detection of consumer trends and tastes. Their conversations are increasingly decoded and transformed into valuable marketing projections. That’s why we translate texts extracted from social media, Hangout messages, and the opinions of the best brand ambassadors. We keep close tabs on the trendiest # and we offer targeted translations from a marketing perspective for the various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


SEO-Based Translations

SEO-based content optimization is fundamental for transforming Internet users into clients. Our translations aim to increase traffic on your site through better positioning in international search engine results. Our work ranges from the identification and translation of key words to the creation of personalized metatags in the client’s requested language. We also oversee AdWords, Bing and Facebook Ads campaigns, collaborating with the most important web marketing agencies that, for years, have chosen us for their translations.


E-Commerce Site Translations

Buying and selling is happening more and more on the web and e-commerce sites are now supporting - when not entirely replacing - physical stores. Clearly and captivatingly describing your products becomes crucial for winning customer loyalty and attracting new consumers. We translate product information sheets and blog posts, using the most popular e-commerce platforms (Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce and Shopify). In the description of products, we don’t neglect any details: title, meta-title, description, meta-description and key words.


Advertising and Human Resources Translations

From brochures to mailing lists to marketing presentations: we provide translations in the advertising sector for companies active in the international market with offices in the principal European capitals. No shortage of businesses come to us to guarantee accuracy and effectiveness in their internal communication: questionnaires, market studies, training manuals, and other documents useful for optimal HR management. Content quality is our priority. We don’t settle for a correct translation; we work with the client to guarantee excellent communication in a world in continual evolution.


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