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Our Competitive Prices.

Superior quality along with competitive rates.

Our Translation Rates

Why are we competitive?

We provide high-quality translations at competitive rates with fast delivery and maximum confidentiality. These are the reasons for our competitiveness:

1. We establish preferential rates with our expert translators because of the high volume of work we assign them.

2. We apply our methodology (precision - quality control - confidentiality) and we benefit from limited infrastructure costs.

These factors enable us to offer rates that are 15% lower than our competition for the services provided (translation quality and professionalism, on-time delivery, content confidentiality).

Volumes for our translations are measured by source word or the cartella (1,500 characters including spaces)

Our rates vary from €0,06 to €0,16 or €15 to €45 per cartella, depending on the sector, source and target languages, document format, technical difficulty of the content, project volume, and delivery schedule.



For more information: Tariffe di traduzione


For more information: Tarifs de traduction