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The range of expertise that Translation-In guarantees its clients currently covers the entirety of the IT sector: ERP solutions, IT security, GIS and CAD applications, lead generation. We also provide translations in the field of digital communications (e-mail marketing campaigns and digital fliers) and entertainment and professional applications (insurance, banking, real estate). Our range of services is further enriched by the translation of networks and operating systems, hardware, web marketing, B2B platforms, software and custom apps.

Translation services


Professional translation services

ERP Translations

For more than a decade, Infor, a leader with SAP and Oracle in the supply of business management solutions, has chosen our agency for the translation in Italian and French of the documentation of its ERP system, a scalable system rightly nicknamed the “IT backbone” of any modern company. Thanks to our technical, functional, and localizing expertise, we offer Infor coordinated, multidisciplinary linguistic services.


ERP2 software (2nd-generation Enterprise Resource Planning systems) has become an essential tool for companies’ internal and external management: leading multinational corporations choose to translate their own software in multiple languages since, thanks to the integration of new communications technologies, each company is transformed into a system that’s open and integrated with the outside world.


Mobile Application Translations

The enormous spread of applications in the realm of mobile telecommunications has had an impact on modern languages as well. Some of our linguists are specialized in this sector and guarantee excellent translations of every type of mobile application for iPad, iPhone, tablet, Android smartphone, and Windows tablet . From games to professional apps, we cover every sector in this ever-expanding world.


We also provide translations for smartphone-downloadable itineraries as well as traditional audio guides: standing out in this field is the excellent work we did for the Louvre in Paris. Our translators of social media apps are specialized in this sector and possess the linguistic and cultural tools to transport the app universe into your target language.


Software Localization

We specialize in software localization because we’re a team of professionals with dependable IT expertise, but we also have an in-depth knowledge of the software’s target markets, as well as various in-house file and platform formats. Our agency’s IT translators are coordinated by our ICT project manager who boasts over ten years’ consulting experience in the implementation of international ERPs (core solutions and roll-outs), as well as 15 years’ experience in the management of software localization projects and their implementation for a significant number of our clients.

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