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Over 2,500 clients throughout the world have chosen to make use of our services, driving the growth and popularity of our professional translation agency.

We share the goals of over 2,500 clients in 27 countries


At present, 2,500 companies in 27 countries have chosen and recommended us among the host of translation agencies and platforms present online. And meanwhile, we’ve translated over 10 million words. The experience we’ve accumulated in over 15 years of work allows us to provide reliable translation services in 50 different languages. Our translation agency has succeeded in building a client base of leading companies in the strongest markets. Our customers represent economic realities of all sizes, located mainly in Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain), with offices in North America (USA and Canada) and Asia (China, Japan and Singapore).

They trust us with their translations

Professional Translation Agency


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We’re heavily invested in creating long-lasting collaborative relationships

Over the last 4 years (2014-2018) our client loyalty rate has reached almost 75%. And we’re achieving such gratifying results thanks in part to many of our clients, who not only continue to choose our agency, but recommend our services to others.


"The most effective marketing strategy is word of mouth from satisfied clients".

We’re committed, every time, to establishing a genuinely sustainable client relationship.

Who better than satisfied clients, in fact, to promote our translation agency?

Thanks to the widespread satisfaction of our clients, the credibility of our linguistic services increases from within, achieving commercial results far superior to any other promotional initiative.


We’ve always believed that consistent growth must be achieved through a stable client base. That’s why we prefer to invest heavily and immediately in all our clients, because maintaining their trust is the best investment.


We provide translations to make your value shine through on the global stage

Translation-IN offers local and global linguistic solutions covering nearly every business sector and all of the most significant worldwide markets. The “Think Global, Act Local” marketing strategy, which has become famous in part thanks to some of our clients (such as Danone), is today much more than a simple slogan. The capabilities of the digital world are constantly expanding, and creativity and innovation are two of its essential elements.


Which is why, by providing "translations that aren’t merely correct," we achieve our foremost goal:


Spreading, promoting and enhancing our clients’ activities and value to the fullest extent.

Professional translation services for the most innovative companies

Whether you’re a company on the FTSE MIB or the CAC 40, an SMB, a start-up, an author or a private individual, we’ll provide you with precise and competitive translations to become your ideal linguistic partner.


It’s no coincidence that large corporate groups have chosen us: 25% of the companies on the CAC 40 and 20% of those on the FTSE MIB are represented internationally by our translations!


We’ve helped numerous start-ups open up toward foreign markets thanks to translation projects with exciting results! Getting the opportunity to subtitle a number of films presented at the Cannes Film Festival, translating into 11 languages book by authors who’ve received prestigious literary prizes such as the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire and winning large contracts for environmental initiatives like the Clean Sea Life project, are daily realities for us, and our mission is to make the information available to as many people as possible!

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